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Pelvic pain/Laproscopy Adhesions Divided

Hi wondering if anyone has been in same situation after months of pain had laprascopy and adhesions divided around colon - felt slightly better when I went to loo, but now a month later indigestion I always suffered from IBS and pain down left side sometimes into hip leg? I am seeing my surgeon again in a few days time honestly don't know if he is going to be able to help. Smear Clear? Do I need to push to see a Gynecologist? A lot of the discomfort seems to be tied in with my periods, when this first started I had an uktrasound an a cyst was found on ovary then it disappeared after period so they said. I am still in pain and at a loss? thx for reading SH

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hi there.i wonder if that is part of my problem as several mebers have suggested that to me.had increased swelling and soreness after laparoscopy(gallbladder)


The problem is, adhesions can reform, so may be causing problems again. If they operate again it may get worse. I'm in a similar situation and found taking the mini pill to stop the periods has helped. Also taking amitryptilline which has helped the pain and can help bowel spasms. HTH


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