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Hi All,

Long story, hopefully cut short !

I had a laparoscopy on 1st October, which concluded that I didn't have endo ! However, I did have something called pelvic congestion syndrome ?? Anyway, had to change pill to progesterone only, and have been given mefenamic acid to see how this works, but will be back to see gyno in January to see how my body is responding etc.

Anyway, apart from this. 3 days after my operation, I felt extremely unwell, it turns out I had an infection, but not because of the wounds and after care. It appears the infection may have come from the equipment. I was on Augmentin 635mg 3x a day to blast this infection out.

Now, here is where I need advice. Has anyone had an infection before?

It has been 4 weeks since I originally had the infection, and I am exhausted. I feel physically and mentally drained. All I currently do is sleep for Europe. I go out for an hour to get fresh air and sleep for 6 !

My eating habits haven't been the same, I do not eat half as much as I usually do, and despite making sure I eat something everyday, it is a struggle. I feel like I am a zombie trapped in someone else's body .

I know what they mean, when they say "lights are on, but no one is home". :(

The doctor has sent me for blood tests, but whilst I wait for the results, I wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience as myself?

I am 23, and feel so alone right now. :(

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Yes, I had a persistent infection following a laparoscopy that wasn't detected for a long time. This is completely draining and it appears not always easy to eradicate. It is wise to be vigilant with this.

Also there are alternatives to mefanamic acid if it doesn't help.


So sorry, I hope you are feeling better soon.


Hi there, sorry to hear your problems. Just a thought, if you have been in strong antibiotics has anyone told you to take a good quality probiotics after. This can give you a boost as the antibiotics kills the good bacteria too which will make you feel run down. Biocare sell some really good quality ones and I think you can get some of their stuff in Holland and Barett, but I order online.

Hope this helps. Big hugs xx


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