Pelvic congestion??

I had an pelvic MRI last year looking for more endometriosis ( already have diagnosis) had a letter back saying everything fine. Anyway I saw the actual report on Fri which states that I have enlarged pelvic veins, I questioned this and my consultant dismissed that this can be a cause of chronic pelvic pain.

So my question is does anyone know if enlarged pelvic veins can be present and that's 'normal' ?x

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  • Hi, I have endometriosis and congestion and my consultant was pretty clear that although the endo will always cause me some pain to varying degrees, the congestion is not something to worry about and some women just have it. Its name scared me so I googled it any way and it doesn't sound too bad.

  • Hi doctors opinions do vary greatly don't they. My current consultant is going to look at my pelvic veins due to cronic pain he says pelvic congestion syndrome is like having varicose veins in your pelvis and can be painful. I found a specialist Dr Whitley who I emailed he agrees that this condition is often overlooked as a cause of pain in a lot of women

  • Hi, that's what I thought as I chatted to someone on here that had terrible pain with it, she actually was treated at the whiteley clinic in the end after 2 years of not getting anywhere. It really isn't helpful when the consultants opinions are so different. I've had chronic pelvic pain for 2 years now so I would really like to have it investigated it's a bloody battle trying to get anywhere as I'm sure you know! I'm going to ask for a copy of my MRI report so at least I have something in black and white... I hope you get some answers too

  • Hi would be good to know if treatment at whiteley clinc helped did you ever find out. I know sick of every doctor giving a different opinion I have been told PNE, coccydinia, hemorrhoids, fissure,proctalgia possible rectal intussusception it is enough to drive you crazy isn't it x

  • A couple months back shortly after her procedure i heard from her and she did say that she felt really good 😊oh I know it's hard enough living with life changing pain and top of it knowone bloody knows what to do very stressful, my husband has nearly lost all his hair over it bless him! I've been told endometriosis pain syndrome ( think that was completely made Up! ) possible nerve damage now they think pelvic floor in spasm which I do agree that there is something going on with my pelvic muscles but I think this has developed over time of being in pain for so long I'm due to start pelvic physio next month.. it's mentally draining isn't it x

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