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Pelvic congestion


Has anyone else been diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome ?

I have been diagnosed since 2014, however lately it had got worse, mainly due to being prodded about and a failed attempt at an embolisation....

Has anyone found they can't eat large portions of food, or a standard adult main meal because of the pain and swelling?

Would be interesting to know x

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Hi not as unlucky as What is Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?


Pelvic Congestion Syndrome is basically Varicose Veins in the pelvic area.

•‘Pelvic’ – means that it relates to a condition of the pelvis

•‘Congestion’ – meaning too much blood in the veins and hence the venous circulation is “congested”

•‘Syndrome’ – means a collection of different symptoms and signs


I had pelvic congestion on a neurography. The diagnosis had little to do with my pain and treatment. May be completely unrelated to you. My pelvic physical therapy was the only thing especially in the beginning that gave continued improvement. I suggest trying many different pts and not getting caught in doctors, tests unless for pain meds or obvious medical test needs.

Peace and hope to you in 2016!


Thanks for the information.

However the pain and symptoms I am currently experiencing is everything to do with my PCS. Some people are lucky to have PCS but display no symptoms etc, however others aren't. Especially when you haven't had children and people are looking into the wrong information, I have done a lot of things before being diagnosed and nothing helped. Sadly medication is a must to actually have some quality of life, as otherwise I would be bed bound


I have had chronic pelvic pain for years and surgery in 2003 to remove a dermoid cyst and I too cannot eat too much it gets very uncomfortable and a nerve hits my lower back and i can hardly walk if I am stuffed after a meal. I have not been diagonosed with pelvic congestion but have often wondered if i may have it.

Can it occur after major abdominal surgery can the tubes get blocked?



I am not sure if PCS can be caused by major abdominal surgery as I am no specialist with how you can get PCS, however what I do know is doctors generally focus on PCS if you have had children, due to the pressure within the blood vessels & veins caused during pregnancy. (however I have never had children - this has lead doctors in dismissing me rather than focussing on my concerns)

What I will say though is since I had been prodded about for 3 hours during a pelvic embolization (which failed on NHS) I have been suffering a lot more, so I am not sure if it inflamed it more.

Maybe get in touch with the Whiteley Clinic or look at their website, they will give you a better understanding on PCS, however they may recommend a Transvaginal Duplex Scan, which is extremely high tech.

Have a read up of the condition through the website and maybe do the questionnaire they have put up. May help start answering some questions.

You never know if you don't ever ask :)


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