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Pelvic Congestion

I was diagnosed through an laproscopy last October that I had pelvic congestion syndrome.

Lately I have been struggling with the pain and swelling that happens within my stomach. My belly swells whenever it wants too (I kept a log of everything and can't narrow down to why it's playing up), it's so tender and makes my back ache and me feel sick.

Lately I've been over heating.

Any advice on what to do?

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I saw an interventional radiologist at the university of Washington who did a venogram and embolized the veins. There was some improvement for me. I have other things going on so I can't say that it is THE answer for you but I'd look into it. Soft tissue manipulation has been necessary for me as well because of musculoskeletal pain. I Believe caused by the long term chronic pelvic pain. Soft tissue manipulation can help relieve the areas that are being effected by irritated nerves around the blood vessels. There is also a doctor on the east coast that specializes in pelvic congestion. Sorry I can't remember the name but the internet will get you there.


Hi, I'm wondering how you're doing.


Have you had scans, ultrasounds, etc and had everything else ruled out? I want to make sure nothing is missed. I also had/have pelvic congestion. If this is for certain the only thing that you are dealing with we could talk. I got some relief. Maybe I could offer you some knowledge based on my experience.



Apologies for the delay. I had a laparoscopy in October 2014, where it was diagnosed that I had Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. I had an ultra-sound but nothing showed up (apparently sometimes it doesn't) - I am now booked in to see a interventional radiologist in a couple of weeks and an MRI where I need to be nil by mouth for 4 hours prior to MRI.

I am now on oramorph because the pain is becoming unbearable on my left side. I will update after I have seen the interventional radiologist.


If the IR is not experienced in pelvic congestion, as many aren't, make sure you have him/her do a venogram while you are strapped in an upright position. That I believe is the only way to get a definitive diagnosis. I almost forced mine to do it as he declared he'd never seen the condition in a female. It never showed up in any mri's or ultrasounds. It was definitive once he did the venogram as I was"lying" vertical on the table. My ovarian veins were not functioning at all and blood was pooling.

Dr. was shocked. He embolized both giving me some relief. I eventually had to go back and have one iliac vein done too.


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