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PID again!

Hello. I am new to this messaging idea but thought it may help.

Here's my story.

I am 21 and since March last year I have battled with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, chronic pelvic and lower back pain and numerous Gynae appointments.

When it all started, I had noticed an increase in vaginal discharge but with me going on holiday shortly, I brushed it to one side and never really thought about it.

However, once I was on holiday, I experienced a lot of very unusual bleeding. That was when I knew something wasn't right.

Since then I have been in constant pain. I was first told it was PID and was confused as they tested me for STD's and STI's. I have been with my partner for 5 years and we are each other's firsts. They gave me antibiotics for two weeks and they seemed to make it worse!

I went back for another examination, the GP thought it hadn't gone and gave me them again. On my third appointment, my symptoms had not gone at all- they only got worse. GP then thought it was endo and sent me to Gynae. I then went for a laparoscopy where he was sure to find endo. Instead, I was told there was no endo there and that I have a very twisted Fallopian tube. I then had a post op appointment with him who explained to that he believes that I have had pid at least once before which was not caused by an STD but caused by myself. From that, he believes I have had salpingitis which attacks the Fallopian tubes. I was also told that I have pelvic congestion syndrome where too much blood pools in my pelvis (yuk).

The region where my tubes are is very painful all of the time and I have very irregular periods with clots. He has put me on the pill for 3 months at a time.

I noticed a few weeks ago of some of the symptoms of pid again, such as green/yellow discharge. The past few days have been the worst though. I have had a fever, fatigue whee I can't get out of bed and the pain I usually have is much much worse. I went to GP where she thinks I have it again. I am again on antibiotics and I am so upset :( I just can't believe I have got it again.

As I sit here, I feel so dizzy. :(

This time seems so different to the last time. I am unable to work it is that bad.

I have my Gynae appointment tomorrow morning to we will see then.

I am so sorry my post is so long!

P.s, I have also had two ultrasounds to check the tubes. Can they really see the tubes that well?

Thanks for reading.


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You have my sympathy with this. I had salpingitis which destroyed one tube and damaged the other, endometriosis, ovarian abscess and severe pelvic infection all of which is excrutiatingly painful accompanied by fever, fatigue, discharge etc. Chlamydia test was always negative. Antibiotics were ineffective. The only thing they can see on ultrasound is enlarged/swollen tubes, cysts. It sounds as though you may have adhesions from what you say about the laparoscopy. You could ask for copies of the ultrasound and the laparoscopy reports from the hospital where these were carried out: always useful to have this information yourself.


First of all, thank you so much for your reply. It is nice to hear that I'm not alone. I just feel like they are leading me a merry dance and it's all taking forever. I just want the pain to go away. It is having a negative affect on my life and my relationship and it hurts sexually too. You have my sympathy too and my empathy.

Yes that is a good idea. I am pretty sure my ultrasound won't have found much. Seems odd to me that he has been in there and seen it in front of his eyes, yet he sent for an ultrasound which provides an unclear, grainy image. I'm also worried what damage this bout of PID may have caused. But I guess what will be will be.


Hi Judy

Im terrified because Im in the same spot as you. Im suffering from a horrible pelvic infection and doctors downplayed my situation and denied me proper and quick care. Now Im on IV antibioics but Ive had this for 7 months and scared its too late.

I have horrible discharge pain and nothing is making it better.

Did you have to have a hysterectomy


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