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Can doctors miss PID?

I have had recurring cervicitis for 2 years. Doctors treat it with doxycycline and it goes away..but soon comes back. The past 2 months, i have had issues with urination, vaginal burning, pelvic aching especially when i ovulate, and the green discharge is back! I have taken 5 rounds of antibiotics and its still there. I notice that the green discharge comes mostly before my period starts, and i see a bunch of it come out with my blood (gross i know sorry). I have had EVERY TEST done. Even mycoplasma/ureaplasma. Everything is negative. I had a culture of the green discharge done, and all that was seen was "normal flora" and no abnormalities detected. I saw a specialist on thursday. She said my cervix looked fine when examining me, but when she swabbed the discharge and looked under the microscope, she saw "signs of inflammation and lots of white blood cells" which means cervicitis AGAIN! she insists that i don't have PID as I'm not tender at all during a pelvic exam. She refused to treat me with antibiotics and is havung me use estrogen cream for 4 weeks. Im 32! Nowhere near menopause, so i don't understand how this will help. I'm convinced that theres an infection in my uterus but every doctor I've been to (13 all together) insist that i don't. If i don't, then why is green and yellow discharge coming from there?! Why do i keep getting cervicitis?!

I have had every vaginal and urin culture and test done. Pap smear. 3 pelvic ultrasounds, as well as a ct scan with contrast. All normal, except for the very first urine dip that said i had a uti. Ive taken macrobid, cipro, doxycycline, and 2 rounds of well as metrogel and clindamycin cream...and a week of diflucan for yeast.

I assume that if that all didn't cure this issue, then there's something more sinister causing all this.

Can anyone relate? Is it possible for doctors to say you don't have a uterine infection, but then turn out to be completely wrong? This is ruining my quality of life! 😭😭

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were you tested for STI? it could be gonorrhea or chlamydia. If you are negative then maybe your cervix is producing mucusy discharge because inflammation is still there. Next time you visit the doctor try to ask her about freezing of cervix cryotherapy. usually it is done if there is abnormal cells found in the papsmear


Yes I've been tested for stds 8 times. All clean. I took 5 antobiotic treatments. The specialist wants me to try estrogen vaginal cream. I'm scared.


I've been reading that thry treat friable cervix with estrogen cream at times. But its more commonly for post menopausal women...I'm 32. She seems to be confident about this. I'm just terrified its gonna make things worse.


I am also suffering from discharge but mine is thick creamy yellowish discharge. I have mild PID. I haven't tested again for STI. I was positive in chlamydia. I took injection ciprofloxacin 1 shot, doxy and metronizadole for 14 days. Now my discharge is somehow diminished but I still have few discharges. I also have problem with the discharges. I am feeling bloated also. My lower abdomen seems a little bit bigger than before. how's your ovaries and tubes?

it might be there are just some hormonal changes happening to you because of aging. Do not stress out yourself if the 13 doctors you visited said that everything is fine.


According to the doc ovaries and tubes are normal. Just green discharge and frequent urination and pelvic pain.


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