3 years after total hysterectomy for severe endometriosis my pain is back! Doctors won't help!! Im from Portland Oregon

For the last year my pain has gotten worse, it's in my lower right pelvic region and abdomen. Its starts where my hysterectomy scar is. Doctors say oh ya you have adhesions and leave it at that. The last 3months the pain has gotten worse and in the last two weeks unbearable along with the nausea. I have to keep going in to the ER. Icing on the cake I have no insurance. Someone please help me I don't know what to do!!!

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  • Sorry for your pain.I dont recommend you any further surgery because it increases scar tissue.Have you heard about castor oil packs, by applying castor oil soaked flannel on abdomen then applying heat.I think this heat will reduce pain also.I read it is very effective destructing scar tissues.Also I read about serrapeptase enzyme in the form of tablets, it also reduces scar tissue.Hope I could be of help!!!

  • Yes scar tissue is one of the reasons why many of the professionals don't operate, to get rid of one lot of scar tissue only creates more. Looks like you need more tests unfortunately to get to the route of your pain.

  • I replied to you but it went in my conversation so please go back to my post

  • Thank you koloud I'll look into the enzyme and try the oil/heat.

    Jacquieb: I've had two CT in the lat 3months normal, countless xrays that show small abstractions that they admitte me for but correct them selves, a hyda scan of gallbladder turned up normal, blood work shows white count is going up even being on antibiotic for the last week. I get sent to gyno that says you woman parts are not there I can't help with your pelvic pain but its feels like alot of scartissue, he sends me to surgeon he says I don't do pelvic and sends me on my way. Now I'm being told gastroligest is now where to go by the ER but the wait to see anyone is crazy.

  • I am sorry for your pain. I had a total hysterectomy 7.5 years ago. For the last two years I have had severe sharp pain in my left lower abdomen approximatley where the ovary would be. I have seen numerous docs and have had ct scan, xray, and ultrasound and they find nothing. My GYN says she thinks it is adhesions ( scar tissue) but I should have exploratory surgery. This can cause more scar tissue. So I dont knkw what to do either

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