My 16 yr old daughter is still suffering with Chronic pain having finally been diagnosed with Endometriosis after a Laparoscopy in July 13

She had a cyst along with adhesions attached to her bowel removed. Recommended to have Depo Provera injection which she is not happy to take and pain management have just recommended she ups her medication and does sit ups to strengthen her core??? She has now been suffering this week with increased pain to her bladder any advise please I have asked her GP for a referral to another pain management team in Orsett Essex

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  • Hello janiceGrace, I was Sorry to read about your daughter, I also many years ago now was diagnosed with Endometriosis, I had untold Laroscopys, I had to have one of my Fallopen Tubes removed as It was stuck down with Adhesions and suffered so much pain with it. I am suprised you have been reffered to Pain Management and doing exercises is the last thing your Daughter needs to do while in pain. I was Refered to a Gynaecologist I believe they are the ones who should be managing her pain and advising you and not Pain Management! What Medication is your daughter taking? Love Aisha x

  • Hello Aisha She was given amytriptalin but did not have any relief with it. She has been copeing with Ibuprofen. Hot water bottles and heated wheat bags. The gynaeclogist she is under is expecting her to have the depo provera injections and due to see her again in 3 months time. xx

  • Three months is insane while suffering! Amitrypteline is Avery mild antidepressant and very fattening.Ibuprophen is an anti inflammatory in high doses,but also a blood thinner.I know pain! This is not acceptable! Judyr

  • This sounds like infection to me.I would be alarmed.Her bowel must not get infection! I would fight and scream for a pelvic specialist! Judyr

  • have they considered the mirena coil rather than depo,? it has worked for me in reducing pain and often stops periods and occasional ones you do have a very light and less painful, find it stops working after 2 or 3 yrs though. Bladder pain should get checked out, she might have interstitial cystitis or endo in bladder

  • Thank you for the advice no the coil has not been mentioned but i know my daughter would not like this.

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