Pelvic pain, over 3 years of searching for a doctor to help! Now one game plan, fingers crossed!


New here. Over 3 years of pelvic pain! I think it qualifies as chronic at that point?

Started with my doctor not doing any tests, when I went to see her once, to tell her I was in some unusual pain, burning, stinging and it would not go away. She didn't acknowledge anything. She did not ask me to come back. She "sent" me home with an ointment.

Never got better. In fact, it got worst. And I've gone to many doctors ever since, never went back to my regular gynecologist who never tested for anything. I travelled to other cities to get help and see some doctors that were the leaders in this specialty. Told my story over an over. Ended up hearing that they did not know, or I would get an ointment and be told I'd feel better in 3 months which never happened.

I've finally found a doctor who listened and acknowledged that there were physical issues he could see and diagnose! I do have several issues including PN issues and lichen, and bladder issues (IC) and yes it was hard to digest. But I finally did. We even have a game plan!

It's only the first 3 weeks of that plan and I can't say I'm on the right track yet but I'm on a track which is better than none! Doing nerve blocks and taking meds. I should also do meditation and relaxation/breathing.

I've been going to a PT who's helped with some more recent backside issues in the tailbone area and sacrum joint area. She's helped tremendously and even if she can't take the pain away forever once and for all, I do get a tad bit of relief every time. And that's a big deal when dealing with pain ALL the time.

I've just recently had nerve blocks (light ones, no steroids) and I don't see a tremendous change yet. But I'll give it time! I had one this week to the PN, I was good for 24 hours. But I'm no longer numb and I'm afraid to let myself feel anything!! I think it's not worst, which is pretty great!

Is anyone having success with a "dial down" the pain type of treatment yet? I'm treating the symptoms but with nerve blocks and meds, we're looking to calm the pain signals.

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  • Hello there. I really understand you and I have similar troubles like you. I didn't slept for a month now since this affected me psychologically and ruined my normal life. I came across to this website:

    Read about "Ganglion of Impar Block", it gives me some hope since they say that it removes the pain from 70 to 100% for months.

  • thanks so much! I actually came across this website today! I was looking and saw this procedure. Had never heard of it until today, after my years of research ;) Have you or will you look into this procedure?

  • I'm from Croatia and I am searching for some clinics that maybe do this procedure. I am really considering doing it. Feel free to message me here or viber, whatsapp +385989870386

  • I have chronic pelvic pain and had 2 of those shots, THEY DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So sorry! :(

    I can't say it fixed anything. But for almost 24 hours I felt nothing there, which was a nice break. But everything is back to the way it was now.

  • littleonefr1, you had an injection already? If you did, they say that this is normal to come back which means that you reacted! After a few days you should not feel anything.

  • Yes this week! I had 1 PN injection and 4 trigger point injections! If what you say is true for me too, I can't wait! I'd love it if the pain was going away. And yes, the beauty is that I was numb from the injection, which means it helped and I can get temp relief that way!! Thanks for pointing out the positives!!

  • You are welcome. I tought that you had the Ganglinon block. But PN and trigger point injections are less effective when comparing them with Ganglion if Impar block. Try to get one asap.

  • My Dr. hasn't even talked about this one, and it's not part of the treatments he offers. I might have to try to go to a different clinic! thanks!

  • again, I had 2 injections and had zero results and spent a ton of money..hope it works for you. good luck

  • Pieper, what is your current diagnosis? Doctors often misdiagnose our conditions and we are treated wrong. If you want to talk and share your problems, feel free to contact me by whatsapp or viber, my number is +385989870386

  • severe anxiety causes my pain. my sympathetic nervous system is out of whack. i have had all of the physical tests, there is nothing wrong physically.

  • i tried whatsapp and viber, can't seem to make either work

  • What type of injections did you get? PN block or gangliar block?

  • gangliar block

  • I also had about 9 ganglion impar blocks and they didn't help at all. I hope I'm not being negative, these were covered by my insurance but for those who have to pay for each block I just want you to think about is each one helping before you spend thousands of dollars. My symptoms are IC with ulcers, vaginal pain, urethral pain, low back pain, pain shoots down right leg

  • Me too. Very very similar symptoms. And no my insurance is covering none of them. And you are not being negative. It's fine to explain plainly what has happened to you without making it sound like something else. I like the honesty!

    I know that the blocks didn't do what I thought it would do and I know it's not the cure to my issues. I just had a bit of relief which is still good in my book. But it's pretty expensive for such a short relief.

    The way the Dr. explained it to me is that he is doing the blocks to troubleshoot the area and see what makes the pain go away. And I'm also on meds to reduce pain signal. I'm also starting meditation. And possibly counseling for extra support.

    So at the end of the day, since everything else seems to be fine, other than IC that I do have, once IC is better, the pain levels should go down and I should be able to go off meds progressively while not getting the pain back. Here's to hoping!

  • We are all different, genetics, genders, age and this conditions are all similar and nobody knows what is the real cause and what really triggered it. Someone gets relief after injections, someone after meds, and someone after physichal therapies. This is the proof that this problem is so complex that even God doesn't know what it is. I hope we will all be cured as soon as possible.

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