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For 4yrs ive had severe pelvic pain..The symtoms consist of pain all around pelvic area,groin,lower back,buttocks and down my left side


I have seen several doctors, orthopedic and gynocologist.Ive had pain relief and physio of which dont work..Ive had internal vaginal scans and MRI which came up clear..Ive been given no diagnosis as nobody knows were my pain coming from..Im in severe pain daily and realky want answer as ive had to give my job up and use crutches..Can anyone plz help me find an answer or diagnosis...Matgo Mccourt

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Hi have they checked you out for adhesions? Have you had any previous surgery or a possibility of a previous pelvic infection as these things cause adhesions? Adhesions don't show up on an ultrasound (not sure about an MRI). I think you would need a laparoscopy to see them. Maybe the next step is to push for a diagnostic laparoscopy.

mags41 in reply to Orangeflower

Hi,in pregnancy i had severe pubis disfunction syndrome and they kept putting it down to that. Ive seeb several physios had vaginal scabs and MRI all came back clear..Ive jst been told ther no more they can do and so ive to attend pain clinic..Im on lots of pain relief which doesnt hekp and feel ive bo hope now..Thank you..xx

It might be pudendal neuralgia. The typical test is whether the pain is decreased when you sit on the toilet. That being said lower back pain "without a reason" can sometimes be tethered spinal cord. In an MRI they often miss this. I was lucky that a world-famous tethered cord neurosurgeon was literally up the road from me. He saw in an MRI what others had missed--a tiny Tarlov cyst and the "fatty filum" of tethered spinal cord. The pain going down your leg might get better with a steroid injection in the SI joint on that side. If you've had no pelvic surgeries but have had children I'd be thinking pelvic floor dysfunction---DONT DO KEGELS if you think this is the case. Hope this helps.

mags41 in reply to pauline19

Hi ther, ive had several vaginal scans and MRI scan which all came up clear so been told ther nothing more they can do but send me to pain clinic now..Im in extreme pain and use crutches..I feel all hope has gone..Thank u..xx

Hugo3596 in reply to pauline19

The other thing you have to consider is SIJ dysfunction which can put the muscles and nerves into spasm in the pelvis thus causing pain. Affects the ability to walk too.

You mention you are using crutches. Are you sporty, had a fall or impact injury on your tail bone? Any leg shortening?

It's sometimes overlooked and Dr's wouldn't have a clue about it anyway or how to treat it! Most Dr's would sail straight past it as a cause and go down the gynae route or worse.............

mags41 in reply to Hugo3596

I use crutches to relieve pain on pelvis as i cant sit or stand to long and pain goes down inber thighs and left leg..I had symphysis pubis disfunction and they all jept putting it down to that but after severak physios,vaginal scabs and MRI tgey all came up clear so been told nothing more they can do except pain clinic. Ive list all hope now and in severe pain..Thank u..xx

Hugo3596 in reply to mags41

Mags41 have a look at the topic that Antonia11 has posted on here. There are similarities imho

Hugo3596 in reply to Hugo3596

Have you tried seeing an Osteopath? You might need to try a couple to find one that you like.

Hugo3596 in reply to Hugo3596

Oh and don't give up!

I'm also experiencing similar symptoms and investigations for pelvic/groin pain this past year. An Osteopath found an abnormality in my back. A MRI revealed an extruded disc at L1-L2.

High herniation [T12-L2] causes referred pain to the groin. As this is an infrequent finding it seems to be not a well understood cause of pelvic pain.

Did your MRI look at these levels or did it only image the area locally?


Can you tell what medications for pain are you taking?

I would say that much of your pain has certainly to do with nerves and I of course your pubis disfunction syndrome .

likely this dysfunction may be compressing nerves which causes more pain.

have you ever tried to block the nerves with injections of analgesics (stronger than the ordinary ones), directly on your nerves?

even if it had not an effect of 100%, just to realize where the pain is coming from.

pauline19 in reply to xweeta

Also labral tears in the hip joints also cause the pain you describe. DX is done with imaging with steroid. I was found to have can&pincer impingement in both hips, fractured bilateral inferior pubic rami (three radiologists missed it so yeah no more sex FOREVER-TRY telling your husband THAT) pudendal neuralgia secondary to the untreated fractures, migration of 24 surgical staples from my hysterectomy in 1991, one leg shorter, and Ehlers Danlos, interstitial cystitis, bladder cancer (again 3 mds dismissed my symptoms including the urologist who finally took out the tumor-- he sent it to 3 labs to "disprove" malignancy, but it was malignantand he was more concerned that i might tell online tgat he had blown me off!) and more. So yeah drs miss A LOT. DONT LOSE HOPE! Keep going to them and keep your story brief. Drs hate the thick chart patient!

Google pudental nerve entrapment and see if the symptoms seem similar. Using the internet was the only way after seeing numerous specialists I was finally about to get a diagnosis and have recently had surgery to help rectify the situation. Not sure where you live but in spire Bristol Mr Gareth Greenslade and Mr Wong are specialists in this area and they are excellent. Good luck and don't give up!!

I've had the same problem for 15YEARS! Still trying to be diagnosed. I've had doctors tell me it's in my mind, they've done all they can do. Recently someone suggested endometriosis and I am waiting on the results to see if this is the cause. So frustrating though.

I have similar. Recently diagnosed with short pelvic floor syndrome and receiving Botox injections to pelvic floor and taking nortriptiline for pain relief. This is the worst pain ever but there is always hope. Don't give up. Ask for referral to Vid Khullar at St Mary's Paddington London if you can...

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