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Senior's & Chronic and Chronic illness

You know, I was thinking today that next month I will be 65. If seniors are in pain already from pelvic floor issues such as Interstitial Cystitis, IC for short, pudendal neuralgia and/or entrapment and Vulvodynia and pelvic floor muscle spasms, how will any one know if we have gotten something worse. I suffer all these conditions and more. I get a little nervous thinking now about my age, as a number, not how I feel. My personality is much younger. None of us want to think about having anything else wrong but I don't think I would be aware because of all the conditions. Being in chronic pain has taken a toll from me for nearly ten years now. I hope my body at my age still allows me to have some control over the pain in the forms of my medication. Just thinking. Any one have any thoughts about it?

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I understand what you are saying, I am a similar age to you.with various pelvic pain issues with the worst being Pudendal neuropathy (but it could be entrapment), coccyx problem going back 18 plus years. Sometimes it's difficult to keep track of all the other pain add ons after this and how they happened, it gets so complicated. I don't think of my age much, more of what I'd like to do before it becomes impossible to do them. Life is already restricted to a certain extent as you, many others and I know. I think if I got different stomach/ pelvic pains to the ones I have now, I might notice it. But it's a thought provoking topic posting from you Bettyfl


I love what you say "I don't think of my age much, more of what I'd like to do before it becomes impossible to do them." I feel the same way. I work full time, but I am blessed to be able to work from home two or three days a week. It is still very difficult. Work is getting so busy and taking up my whole life. I want to cut back, but cannot afford it yet. Do you work? If you do, do you have any suggestions. I have to sit on a donut in the car, but it is getting hard to even do that. It hurts and causes more pulling and pain. I use it at the office too. I hate it. I have tried all kinds of pillows and there just isn't one comfortable for all my conditions. I have coccyx problems too. I want to do so much more, but if it's hard to sit, it's hard to even go out to a meal or a movie or whatever. I have grandchildren and they help keep me happy. My oldest is 14 year old girl, I love her so much. I love them all. Watching her grow up from a baby is so joyful. It is difficult to keep track of everything and taking all different medications.

Thank you so much for replying to me. I am not happy you have pain and lots of issues. I will say a prayer for you rosepetal60.


Sorry to hear of your health issues which are indeed very similar to my own. I wonder what medication you are on and have you found anything that dulls the pain. Any medication I have tried gave me serious constipation which of course only add to problems.


I'm on a new mission to find a drug that will help as my pain has got worse over the years. Just tried low dose of fentanyl but no help at all. And think it causes a side effect I don't need. Yes, have to avoid constip at all costs as remedies cause problems too


Hi Betty, I sent u a message this morning. Just to mention, have you tried a Tempur memory seat cushion ? I've been using them for about 17 years. I have several, all it means for me, is that I can sit down with my pain. As without them, I would not be able to sit down at all. ( can I get people to understand this ??? No I cannot) These cushions help me as its a firmer density but softens with the heat from ones body whilst still giving a cushion support. For some years I used to be able to manage with 1 cushion, now it's always 2 and sometimes 3 depending on the type of chair. This is because my pain has got worse over the years. I can't manage the cinema or the theatre, there's not enough leg room for me and anyway I would not be able to sit for that length of time. One thing I have found helpful is a padded electric recliner chair. Took a long time to find the "right one for me" (it's a long leg thing ! ) I find it helps being able to put ones feet up. I also have a memory foam mattress topper for my bed, think it's a 3 inch depth ( not a Tempur one). It's good you have the joy of your grandchildren. A good feel factor for you . Take care


Hi Rosepetal60,

I would be willing to try one of those seats. I need something. I only just now looked and the first one I saw had contours with a higher point down the middle of it. Are yours anything like this or are they just flat? I also found an ergonomic cushion which is flat. I seem to need a cutout for the left side pain, but if you say you have the same pain and these are working for you I am going to try it. When you get a chance maybe you could let me know what kind works for you, I know you said 2 or 3 depending on chair, but I didn't know if there was one that I could start with, for the car and the office. Thank you so much.

Have a blessed day.


Hi Betty. All my cushions are flat. I do not have any ergonomic seats. Only Tempur medical memory foam cushions. More details on the Tempur website. The Wheelchair and standard size cushions mostly bought off the famous e auction site as it's cheaper. I use the wheelchair size cushions on my driving seat in the car.


I'm just angry that drs cant be bothered to fix our problems.Its so much easier for them to fob us off with a convenient diagnosis like IBS and prescribe painkillers.

As we age and get more aflictions, we are being given 'cocktails' of various drugs.

Because our mental ability can be compromised ,its very difficult to keep abreast of daily regime of all the timings.

I've seen my parents struggle.

I've seen a lady whisked off to A&E and turned out it was interaction of her many medications nearly killed her.

Also how many times have i read that people had gone into surgery for something acute and the cause of their many years pain was discovered by chance.

I suppose all we can do is make sure we do the best we can and hope as we age our kids will lend moral support.

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I just turned 64 and I have suffered since I was 51 starting with feet problems and ending up with nerve entrapment in my sacrum due to infection after a surgery, I am not sure how I have been able to tolerate what I have never mind getting older. I look at people in wheelchairs and question how will I be able to sit in one if I struggle with sitting and laying down now.

I have a very young brain!!!! I have 2 grandsons who are 4 and 5. They keep me young.

I mask my pain quite well. I don't want it to own me

I just had a DRG neurostimulator placement done in November . It has helped. I still need to get it reprogrammed and i am hopeful it will give me some relief. This is new and my doctor says he has had a lot of success with these devices

I only ask God to watch over me as I grow old. Nothing else I can do. I have learned that this is my path in life.

I do have a wonderful family and great network of friends. I do feel blessed

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Hi ljlmax,

Oh my gosh, I think the same thing, I hope I never need a wheelchair, I couldn't sit on it either. I will have to check into that DRG neurostimulator and see if it is an option for me. I am glad you have a wonderful family and a great network of friends. I have the wonderful family and a few friends, I wish I had more who could help me, but I do a lot by myself, everyday things and it just adds to the pain. My husband helps a lot now, but he works all the time so he is not home much.

Well we will see how we get on and I pray God heals us.

Have a blessed day.


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