Pain clinic visit outcome March 2016

yesterday I saw mr Greenslade, i have to have a lumbar MRI scan, also need to have a special pillow to sit on for coccyx relief as he said that's where most of pain is and also having acupuncture and seeing a pain psychriatrist as well. He said I experienced chronic pain after operation as I had just before suffered a gallstone attack so my body was on high alert. I do get that but not totally convinced as I have physical symptoms as well... He can't explain why I get pins n needles in my legs and numbness in my feet. I'm wondering if I have adhesions ? Or maybe it was just done to tight, as on examination , he said it was tight. (I had a starr operation on 15 dec 2015) been left with pain after BM, and pain in legs. any thoughts appriciated ... Thanks

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  • Also meds changed now

  • Hi Simmie,

    My left foot goes numb as well, how weird. Mine started after my first rectocele operation. I went to the doctors and they said it was nothing to do with the operation when I asked if there was a connection, they sent me for a scan for mortons neuroma I think, but that was negative. It starts in the two toes next to my little toe, they go numb really quicjky and if I continue to walk on it, it progresses up my foot and about two inches above my ankle. It does it when I drive and am stuck in traffic you know when you have to keep putting your foot on the clutch. It also hurts at night. Not sure how it can be related to my operation but it is weird that it started not long afterwards. Its horrible isnt it. My last doctor said it sounded like peripheral neuropathy but did not give me anything for it.

  • Nerve pain is so depressingly complex and difficult to document. Keep trying whatever accommodations, such as special pillow, which work for you. You can have BOTH "real" injuries and disorders along with painful "body memories." Our physiology becomes "guarded," we anticipate pain even with a minor trigger. I find myself with clenched muscles all day long, which obviously increases the "real" pain sources.

  • Dear Simmie, I hope this pain doctor was not implying that your chronic pain after starr was entirely down to the gallstone attack before your operation, as chronic pain after starr surgery is NOT unusual at all. In fact I understand that starr is sometimes referred to as a discredited operation as the side effects of pain or incontinence are not uncommmon and are definitely far more common than the most positive articles in the medical press claim.

  • What part of you is tight. I ask this because my pelvic muscles were tight - this causes pressure on the nerves and blood vessels and will cause numbness and pins and needles. If you could lie down for an hour each day and just totally relax this could gradually improve. I found that starting physio too early made things worse. Acupuncture sounds like it will reduce the pain and eventually relax those tense muscles. Hopefully then your body should start feeling generally better.

  • Trouble is I wake up with pain and fee very heavy. I m better off on my side, as think it's to much pressure on my bottom

  • Hi Simmie, I would request you ask your pain specialist to send you to a neurologist for investigation of your pelvic nerves. I think the effected nerve may be detected by ENG / EMG ( nerve conduction test ) You can google this test. You can get pins and needles and numbness from spinal nerves which is why the pain management doctor has ordered the lumbar spine MRI. I would hope this includes the coccyx where your pain and aching is. If after all these tests nothing is found to diagnose your pelvic nerve pain request your pain management doctor to refer you to a neurologist for MR Neurography of the pelvic nerves. All the best and good-luck.

  • That's great, thank you so much for this. I will definitely be requesting this.

  • Hi, Simmie, had the same pain after STARR I heard Botox injections in the pelvic muscles help, almost got them but recommended Zoladex shots to decrease the pressure from all the mesh rectopexy and STARR and other mess he did and these shots broke the spasm. Why did you have the damn STARR? Did he do mesh rectopexy before that?

  • No, he didn't even examin me b4 the procedure. I'm absolutely gutted I had this done... It effects my life every day. :-( ... Only symptom I had was rectal bleeding, he said the starr would stop that as he thought it could be prolapse piles inside. 

  • Did you complain to GMC? I am gutted too, he ruined my life, haven't felt happy about anything. - two years already.

  • I had the same horrific pain after STARR and mesh rectopexy, trying to drug me up with Gabapentin etc, then announced that it is my head and have to see clinical psychologist. However I just started dying , I lost tremendous amount of weight, most of my hair fell out, I was feeling I will start getting seizures from not being able to sleep night after night after night. In the end my blood pressure started going down 70/40 and was not being able to stand up for more then 5 minutes but also not being able to sit because the pain would get unbearable - like wild beasts tearing me apart. Legs were weak. I was stomping, started getting heart arrhythmias - atrial fibrillation.

  • I will pm you 

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