I've been dealing with pelvic pain since March. It started after a uti and was predominantly right sided. Since then it has gotten worse and across to both sides. I've been seeing a gyn doc, have had several scans and ultrasounds which I guess have looked fine. I've been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and have gotten trigger point injections in my abdomen monthly since June, tried neurontin with no luck and major headaches from it. Getting fustrated because nothing is helping and from my research my symptoms don't match. Ivery also been on birth control for 8 years and stopping bleeding during my cycle about 4 years ago-don't know if that's something to worry about as doc says no. I also have a spinal cord injury--slipped discs which has been there for 3 years and I've just restarted treatment to head to surgery for it.

Any advice or ideas? It hurts during and after intercourse so I avoid it but it bugs my husband a bit.

Looking for help.

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  • Have you had a scan of your pubic bone? I get lower abdo pain but not sure if gynae or because I have pubic bone degeneration. Also is it cyclical or constant and what type of pain? Does eating make it worse?

  • I haven't had a scan of my pubic bone. The pain was at first constant and nothing helped, lately it's still constant but the severity changes.

  • It might be worth getting one especially as you have spine problems too. Same as me. Also Google pelvic congestive syndrome. They use a different test to diagnose this

  • Thanks for the advice

  • It sounds like pelvic congestion syndrome to me; I have it and suffer similar symptoms. I had a CT that identified gallstones, so my GYN decided to have the gallbladder out at the same time she did a laparoscopy to eliminate the need for a future surgery. During gallbladder surgery they tip you upright; for a laparoscopy they tip you head down. I had the gallbladder out first, and when my GYN did the laparoscopy they found all of my pelvic veins and ligaments to be black and engorged. Both surgeons said they had never seen anything like it (I have the pictures). After a bunch of research, they came back with PCS. It's hard to diagnose because a laparoscopy typically doesn't uncover it because you're tipped head-down, releasing the pooled blood from the pelvic region. If this is indeed the problem, it's an interventional radiologist that treats it. It can be confirmed with an MRV (like an MRI but specific to certain veins to evaluate functionality). I ended up having a complete hysterectomy which helped for a while, but six months later I am back with the same pain in the same place. My GYN is referring me to an interventional radiologist in the hope of having ovarian vein embolization, which appears to be a very effective treatment (but insurance doesn't like to pay for it). Good luck~I hope you are able to figure it out!

  • I'd have your urine tested again, not just in the gp surgery but get it sent to the lab . ic has slightly different symptoms what r yours in full?

  • Main symptoms is pain across lower abdomen, worse on right side. Occasional outside burning sensation in which I was given lidocaine ointment. Increased pain with intercourse. As of yesterday they want to try treatment for PNE.

  • Hi hduxbury,

    I would try posting this on the Endometriosis network to see what they have to say.

    Hope you get to the bottom of it soon, In a similar situation myself so I'm interested in how it turns out. Take care,


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