Bleeding between periods

I have had pelvic pain for almost 2 years now. I've had a pelvic exam and transvaginal ultrasound and nothing was found. My last period ended about 10 days ago and yesterday I started light bleeding again. I have pain in my hips, thighs, pelvic area and back. I did have almost 2 months of no pain until a month ago. I'm just wondering if anyone else has these symptoms and what they were diagnosed with?

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  • Sounds like nerve pain if its in your back, nerves run from your back wrap around your hips and run into the pelvis and into the uterus and ovaries. My idiot ongyn gave me a "diagnostic" lap which made everything worse led to a hysterectomy which was unnecessary because my uterus was healthy and oh she decided to take the left ovary. 2.5 years post op in chronic pain flew to johns Hopkins to see the top nerve specialist, he said he sees that all of the time. See a pelvic floor pt they can help with the muscles and possibly the nerves if they know about the pudendal nerve

  • Dear Pepper,

    Did you have other gyne issues such as heavy or irregular bleeding as well?

  • Yes i did. But looking back my obgyn just threw birth control

    pills at me she never tested my hormones. I wish i would have seen a bioidenticals hormone Dr because they treat imbalances that cause heavy bleeding. Acupunture might help decrease the bleeding but it will take several times to go. Chinese herbs may help as well

  • Any chance you could be a diabetic? I presume you are posting because of the bleeding

  • As far as I know no. I was tested for diabetes 1 year ago. And yes I'm very concerned about the bleeding. This has never happened before and it seems to be getting heavier and I'm and tired.

  • And so what does your GP say.? Hope he /she has sent a blood test from you, as you may well need to take lots of fresh green veg to get your iron levels back up. Watercress is good for iron.

  • My issues started like this. Worsening back ache, ibs-like pain with bowel movements then unexpected bleeding 10 days into my cycle which evolved into a nightmare period!

    Long story later, I've been diagnosed with adenomyosis. However, I also wonder about nerve issues, which is why I'm curious to know more from Pepper

  • Yes there is a nerve that runs to uterus that some women get severed with success being able to save their organ. Personally i can't recommend that because i don't have any experience with it but you might want to Google it on Google scholar. Presses something i can't remember. ..

  • I had heavy bleeding too. Are your hormones balanced? Have you tried Chinese herbs and japanese acupuncture? It is a more relaxing form. The hips back pain can be from nerves or muscles. Maybe see an osteopath for adjustments another option is Mayan abdominal massage.

  • Endometriosis can cause hips, thighs, pelvic area and back pain as well as irregular and abnormal cycles.

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