So much pain...please help!

Hi - glad to have found this site. About two weeks ago I went to the ER with severe pelvic pain, like nothing i'd ever felt. I described it as severe gas build up and the worst cramps in the world at the same time - times a thousand. It was the only way to describe it. The ER doctor said I had a mild UTI, and was going to send me home but I felt it was something worse than that. I begged him to check. He did an ultra sound and ended up admitting me to the hospital because he found a tumor on my ovary. He also said I had a ruptured cyst and it could be causing the pain. I was hospitalized for a week, saw different doctors, and one OBG that really didn't provide me with much info just told me I had a yeast infection, UTI, and the tumor was nothing to worry about, just had some fluid from the cyst that probably caused hte pain... that i'd need follow up every two weeks to keep an eye on the tumor (sounds like he wanted more money than to treat me ). eventually I got a little better and went home. IT's been two weeks - I also didn't mention that I missed a period last month. So anyway - hospital was two weeks ago. Yesterday I started feeling the worst pain i've EVER FELT in my entire life in the pelvic area. I also had burning with urination, took AZO pills to get rid of that pain..but the pelvic pain has only worsened. Also, yesterday I began to have a tiny bit of blood - but more brown than anything. Today the blood is almost black, it's not getting red at all... Last night I could barely urinate, it's like I can feel my bowels and insides try to open up to go to the bathroom and the pain worsens and then I can't's so hard to even go to the bathroom now. NOTHING seems to help, showering nothing...I haven't had a bowel movement in a few days, it seems to come on like a horrible stomach ache and cringe inside, and then get a little bit better (not much better just a tiny bit) but only for about two minutes and the pain comes back again....I'm sitting at work trying to figure out what to do. I have IBS - but this seems worse. I can barely walk, the pain is constant and it only gets WORSE on and off. The OBG appointment isn't until Friday and I can't imagine living with this type of pain for much longer. I read up on tumor mis diagnosis' for yeast infections, uti's - etc....I just feel like something is NOT RIGHT. My co worker told me about endo and it seems to be the same symptoms....please if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Should I go back to the ER? The OBG told me to go back to the ER but i'm almost scared to.....does it sound like I could have endo? Should the tumor be checked out further? Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen? Issues just two weeks after treatment?

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  • OMG....sounds like my pudendal nerve entrapment bladder and bowel pain are so intense , I have no words for it....can barely pee , can't have bm, even after laxative taken.....the spasms are unending, it won't come out. I am trying to find someone to help me, I haven't been to ER yet, I am a nurse, and afraid they would only think me a bit crazed. I am baffled by this spasm. I already had decompression surgery in January, and I am disappointed in results so far. Right now I am burning from my rectum to my toes , sitting here from cringing from pain. I am afraid to move for fear of even more pain. May God help us!!!!!!!!

  • Please please go to the ER. My pain does not extend down through my legs, that is the only reason I have waited for my appointment.

    If you are a nurse, then you should know you HAVE to go get help. I hope that you will. It is not something to mess with, we have to take care of ourselves and ensure that we get the answers we want. I'm sure you know that doctors can sometimes blow things off - but it's up to US TO find out what is wrong with us and push for more answers.

    Get help sweetie! I am begging you to please please go to the hospital. If you are a nurse, they will never see you as crazed, rather they will see you as someone who definitely has something wrong because out of all people - you would know!

  • Hi, if I were you I would contact the surgeons secretary and explain your symptoms, see if she can get you an urgent appointment as you may have complications after your surgery so act soon. Good Luck.

  • Oh my .I can so relate to you.have had persistent pelvic pain since 2013 and no diagnosis.also increasing abdomen- pain size and weight.and .have told Dr s that my urine flow has been abnormal for a month or more recently cannot pass urine.all they did was a urine test.can't tolerate the pain anymore.

  • When I went to the ER - they immediately did a cat scan, MRI, and lastly an ultra sound. the ultra sound is what revealed my tumor and if I didn't beg him, he wouldn't have done the ultrasound. I went from being close to being sent home, to admitted to the hospital after they found the tumor. I spent over a week in a hospital bed after that.

    You need to go to the ER - tell them about your pain and they will provide you with pain medication, then tell them you need to know whats going on...that you want CAT scan and everything done and want to find out what is wrong.

  • I went to A&E(your ER) today only to be told my bloods and urine were fine so you can go consideration as to the cause of my chronic persistent pelvic pain heaviness or abnormal urine flow,inability to pass urine,weightloss yet increased abdominal

    Diagnosis,treatment,referrals or scans.what a waste of a day!!

    How is it other members get treatment referrals scans etc when they have exactly the same conditions/symptoms as me and I don't.

  • This is what I would do. Forget going to A&E. Get on the inter-net google uro-neurologists, uk. It is best to have one nearest to you

    Uro-neurologist is different to a neurologist. I am sure you will get the diagnosis and help you need.

  • It sounds like the same thing I have been going through for 2 years and it takes forever to be properly diagnosed. I have pelvic tension myalgia and it is the worst thing I have ever had to face in my life. It caused excruciating pain and also urinary problems like yours, along with defecation and sexual issues too. It is a nightmare to deal with and have diagnosed. I had it all go away for 4 months to only have it return again. My wife and son left me because of it. I went to physio with no real results, but it seemed like my physio didn't know male pelvic pain like women. She never did any internal or external work on me at all. Just showed me stretches and used the tens machine on me for 8 weeks.

  • It sounds to me like all 3 of you should be going to the ER and seeing better doctors, getting on stronger pain medication, and then making urgent appointments with the most reputable urogynecologist in your area. If you are in so much pain that you can't see straight, that is what I would do. Also take some xanax - actually very good at reducing spasm and pain (and anxiety).

  • Thanks for the response.

    I decided to just take pain medication that I have (stronger than regular advil obviously) and just slept yesterday. Today it seems to be a tiny bit better but it's still crippling.

    I have my GYNO appointment tomorrow. I just hope they can answer all of my questions. Going to write everything down - all of the chain of events...and see what they can do for me.

    Hopefully they will prescribe me what is needed but, in SWFL doctor's are very very difficult to get pain medicine from. It's an epidemic down here and they treat EVERYONE like drug addicts. It isn't fair.

  • Thank the DEA for the prescribing medication issues. They keep records on all doctors prescribing narcotics and make them jump through hoops to do it for consistent chronic pain. It is ridiculous. Doctors can lose their license if they over prescribe pain medication without following the DEA's stupid little regulations. So who really gets hurt by it is the person in real pain and tax payers. Our system sucks!

  • Dress nice and dont use bad language and they will realize you're not drug seeking. It sounds like you are on the right track. Yes - write all questions down because it is hard to remember them when on the spot. Bring a pen to write down answers. If that doctor sucks, make an appointment with another. Good luck.

  • Sounds as though you should not wait for appts. I am from US. I would call my Primary. care and OBGun Dr and get MRI and colonoscopy performed ASAP. it could be anything from endo to colon blockage

  • I had a colonscopy a few weeks ago. I do have IBS but this is too much pain...I think it may be endo or cysts, and i'm just hoping my tumor is not the problem.

  • What pain meds are you taking? Ask Dr about muscle relaxers to relax area. I take Clonazepam which helps me sleep at night. I have heard from some who have had medical devices to stop pain. Try Miralax and stool softener a as well as hot tub baths

  • This may sound contrite but start drinking nothing but water and stay away from any spft drinks or citric products.

  • Hi woodland16,

    One gp actually recommended I drink lemonade.which is nothing to do with pelvic pain but I imagine drinking fizzy drinks on a regular basis isn't good for anyone.

  • Hey guys,

    Well today has only gotten worse. The black blood has stopped, but my nausea is 50% worse and now I keep getting a sharp stabbing pain lower down my pelvis....

    I am so absolutely drained from all of this pain. I can barely walk, when we go over bumps in the car I almost scream in pain.

    I wonder why there is an additional pain now?

  • It could be pelvic tension myalgia too. It is a condition most doctors are baffled by and won't diagnose till you have 50 million expensive tests and you have seen 4 different specialists. It is incurable and there are people who have it so severe they can't even function anymore. I had it that bad for 1.5 years and lost my wife and son because of it. Everyone thought I was a liar and a hypochondriac.It went away for 4 months and now it is back again. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job and end up in the streets. That is another thing. They don't like to give disability for any kind of chronic pain condition because it doesn't usually show up on any physical tests like mris. I wish I could say something positive about it, but everything that happened to me bad lately has been because of it. I'm probably going to live alone the rest of my life because of this nightmare. I can't even have sex or masturbate without suffering severe pain afterwards. I attempted to take my life at one point when it was at it's worst. I don't know if i could live with this for 20 years like some people have done with this condition. Friends abandon you and family give up on you. Doctors want to tell you that you have it because you are depressed. No, I am depressed because I have it and it destroys my life. I can't do any sports anymore. I can't life weights. I can't sit down for any length of time. I lost a job promotion because of it. This condition is a nightmare you never really wake up from.

  • I just read up on this - uterine cancer.

    These are the exact symptoms. I am so scared...I will not leave that office tomorrow until they look VERY closely at that tumor. :(

  • I can guarantee you have endometriosis. It is far along since you have a "tumor" on your ovary, which is a chocolate cyst or endometrioma.

    What the hell do we pay these Drs for?

    An endometrioma could be deadly if it burst and the leaking fluid is very painful. Your bowel and urine issues are a result of Endo.

    Sometimes it's best to find a good OBGYN to diagnose it since most Endo surgeons won't perform surgery until it's diagnosed. You can only be diagnosed thru surgery.

  • Hi, I had similar pain many years ago. Like an iron bar in the pelvis and could not stand up. I was taken by a relative to my GP. who referred me urgently to gynae consultant that day. I was taken to operating theatre that night and had a ovarian cyst removed. I was told the pain was due to the ovarian cyst twisting around. I also had constipation for 12 days prior to symptoms getting worse. Why not go back to A&E if it happens again and hopefully get an urgent referral to gynae. Good Luck.

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