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Cost of urso. Where can I order it?


I live in the US. My insurance covers the Ursodiol and my cost had been $10 a month. It is still covered, but my cost jumped to $191!. I used a Good Rx coupon and got it down to $146, but that's just not sustainable. I take 300mg 2x's a day. Does anyone know of a reliable Canadian pharmacy from which I can order? Help!



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Unable to help, in the UK.

I live in the USA and I also take 300 mg 2 pills 2x a day. Since its January my insurance deductible hadnt been met so for January my prescription is 254.97 for 1 month supply. For each month following my cost is 75.00 per month or 105.00 (approximately) for a 3 months supply. I have tried everything to find a way to get it cheaper but I haven't found anything to make much of a difference. I'm sorry, I'm in the same situation as you.

Triciawc in reply to Jess5377

🤬so frustrating. Thanks.

I feel your pain! I was paying the $191 on a high deductible HSA compatible plan, and dropped to an HMO to get the $10 copay. Our system sucks! When I did the research at the time the Canadian online options weren't much better. Good luck!

Our system does, indeed, suck. My light at the end of this tunnel is Medicare in 8 months. 🥴

Mine is July. Can’t wait😊

littysgirl in reply to Triciawc

Medicare is not going to help you much, if at all. It covers Ursodiol but you will learn that there are 5 tiers of medication. The lower two tiers, copays are only a couple of dollars but the upper tiers, you pay a percentage of the retail cost. Ursodiol is considered a Tier 4 so it's still expensive. Every time I get it filled, the person at the pharmacy counter does a double-take and asks me if I know how much it costs. I just grimace and say "yes" and "I need it."

Triciawc in reply to littysgirl

Oh brother. Well the good news is that I won’t be paying a monthly premium of $835. 😏

littysgirl in reply to Triciawc

Very true. Medicare is GREAT for doctor appointments. I've had issues with prescriptions. They just keep changing what medications they want to cover. Changes every year and then they want you to take whatever they get cheaper, I guess. It really gets under my skin that some giant organization that doesn't know me at all wants to contradict my own doctor and tell me what drugs to take. You can fight them on covering something but it's a multi-step process involving your doctor. I have done it three years in a row to keep taking my blood pressure medicine. I have had too many side effects from other drugs and the one I'm on now both works and doesn't make me miserable - so I fight for it. It's another drug that, once it's approved, I have to pay a percentage for.


I have Obamacare BlueCross BlueShield Blue Choice solutions. My deductible is $1,250. Once I reach that out of pocket expense, my medication is 0 copay the rest of the year. Not sure it will be the same next year with Trump trying to do away with Obamacare. Either way I'll have to find a way to get it.


I order mine at 6 month supply. Way cheaper than U.S.

Triciawc in reply to donna01

Looks good... except it seems to come only in 250 or 500 mg...not the 300 I need. I've run into that elsewhere as well.

donna01 in reply to Triciawc

Mine are 300s as well. Look under Actigall

Call the company who makes urso you should be able to fill out a paper saying that you can't afford it and usually drug companies will help I can't guarantee that of course I have a lot of Urso because I don't take it consistently I would give them to you if you need them I was taking 500mg twice a day but it was making me nauseous so they switch me to 300 mg I have a lot left over good luck!

Arlie in reply to mjk98

You better take it everyday complications can start

Can you do any mail order service? I just learned that my thyroid meds can be decreased from $240 for 3 months to $20 for 3 months by using express scripts.

Oh my! Are you in the States? I pay $4 month or $10 for 3 months.

Yes, I’m in Washington state. How the heck do you manage that price!!??

I never knew thyroid meds were expensive. I’ve been taking them for many, many years & never paid a high price.

I am on a high dose of name brand synthroid. :(

Triciawc in reply to Pamcakes718

Mail order? From where?

Pamcakes718 in reply to Triciawc

Express Scripts.

I used to pay $20 for 3months supply now $54

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