Should I take this Urso?

Went to gp today to ask about the itching I get on a night time. I have PBC/AIH crossover. Doc gave me some Urso to take at night, but I always read the information leaflet and it says "Do not take if you have any other liver condition than PBC.

My dilemma now is should I take them or not....I am very cautious since finding out I had these wonderful diseases...Yes I know Urso helps with the itch because I was given in in hospital for this reason and it did ease it.

Any advice please.


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  • I was given urso for my pbc. spoke to my gp and he told me urso is the right medication.

  • Yes you should take the urso it is the only tablet proven to help your liver ,i have been on urso for 3yrs now and it has improved my liver function so much so my bloods are near normal now .x

  • Yes take the URSO its the only med for PBC - I think when you read most med information leaflets they all say dont take if you have liver problems. Be guided by your doctor it is the right med for you.

  • Apparently urso is the only medication for PBC treatment. What it actually does is increase the bile flow as it is a type of bile acid that is present in the body.

    Due to the bile ducts being a problem with PBC urso increases that bile therefore aiding digestion as bile acts like a detergent with fats.

    Though it isn't understood fully regarding the itching and like yourself I too get night-time itching that comes and goes, urso is supposed to help diminish the itch but that varies between individuals. I'd like to say for me it has really helped but it isn't quite so. More than likely why a lot of others contributing to

    this site mention they were started on Questran for the itch.

    I see urso as more like a supplement with it being a bile acid as opposed to an actual drug. That way I can accept the fact I will probably have to take it for the rest of my life as me taking drugs isn't something that I cherish being something I've never accepted.

  • Thank you all for you replies.....I did not take the urso last still unsure because my consultant said to treat as autoimmune hepatitis. I am an odd case. My liver biopsey says autoimmune hep, my blood says PBC..I have an overlap, but my consultant said she is unsure.....this is why I am so cautious. I intend to ring the consultant today and ask her opinion on the urso.

    I only itch at night, the urso my doc gave me to take one just at night. I do have digestion problems and if this supplement helps then maybe I will give it a go.


  • I am the opposite to you. I also have AIH/PBC overlap syndrome but my biopsy said PBC (AMA negative) and my bloods say AIH (SMA positive). I take Urso (1000mg) for PBC and Budenofalk (steroid) & Azathioprie (100mg) for AIH. I am having good results although I don't have the itch (long may that continue). Take care. X

  • Hi, I've been taking Urso for 8/9 years now and some of my 'levels' have lowered - but Urso has not helped (if it was supposed to) my issue with reflux, which has progressively worsened over the last couple of years.

  • You need to take Omeprazole or something similar for the reflux. It does work and untreated reflux can lead to ulcers. If you suffer with this I would give it a try.

  • Thanks Val02 - at the moment I'm taking Zoton (Lansoprazole) for the reflux. I only take it 'as required', which is now at least one a day - need to have a chat with my doctor though about the reflux - I suspect I may already have an ulcer. I had a heart attack last August and have been on a cocktail of meds ever since - I'm fairly sure this hasn't helped the reflux ;-)

  • I also take Omeprazole for reflux due to drugs I take and it does help. X

  • Hi;Yes I take omeprozole for does work much better than lanzoprazole, I have only had one reflux incident since been taking it which is very good because before it was daily.

    My digestion is really bad though..also my appetite...I crave carbs late at night and don't understand why......I am worried about the appetite or lack of because I was diagnosed in April, and am sure the appetite thing is not right.


  • Take it, please, it's a good thing!

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