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Colonoscopy and urso


Hi everyone, i'm having a colonoscopy soon and i received a letter telling me i have to have a clear liquid diet for 2 whole days prior to the proceedure. I have pbc and take urso. The urso states i have to take them 3 x day with or just after food ! Do i continue to take urso without food for these 2 days ? Has anyone else taken urso without food and if so what effect does this have on the digestive system.

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You can have plain yogurt, that is “clear”, no color. You can take urso. The reason for clear is so that dr can see colon better, not blocked by artifical coloring.

Yogurt is considered liquid. Your doctor’s office should have provided a list of sample items you can eat/drink.

Check with your doctor’s office for a list just to be careful.

Thanks ninjagirlwebb. I have the list of clear foods/liquid. I just wondered if i could take the urso with such a diet.

Hi there

I always take mine without food never had a problem

pottery1 in reply to kimphoebe

Brill. Thanks Kimphoebe

You can probably have jello as well. Considered liquid.

But no red, blue or purple coloured jello, if I recall. Stick to green and orange. 😉

Right, lol!

I often take my Urso when I haven't eaten - not a problem.

Never heard two days no food. Usually night prior you cleanse til procedure. I forgot the liquid to drink to cleanse. Usually prescribed.

Meds I’ve taken without food. Ask?

pottery1 in reply to BethRL

I rang the department yesterday. They said to take the urso as usual with a bit of white bread. Everything else has to be clear liquid/soup, semi skimmed milk, plain yoghurt. They are doing my procedure first thing so I have no meds until afterwards on that day.

I did the colonoscopy last year & started the liquid diet at 4pm or so. My procedure was first thing in morning too like 8 am but had to be there at 7 am. I didn’t take any meds that morning. My doctor went over the results with me when I woke up & he also gave me a copy of the report. Was very efficient. & a nurse called me later in the day to check on me. Hope it all goes well for you!

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