URSO and Severe Gas

I was diagnosed in Sept 2012 and put on URSO. I have always suffered from extreme gas since I was a teenager. It has nothing to do with what I eat...it comes from stress... Has anyone had a severe increase in their amount of gas while on URSO. I mean severe gas, I get so swollen my stomach looks like I'm 9 months pregnant. I also become unable to do anything b/c of the pain and severe bloating. It is definetly NOT caused by eating gassy food, like beans etc. I haven't eaten them since I was a teenager when all these gas problems started. Thanks for anyones help.

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  • I notice by the end of the day i am bloated. But i dont have the wind . So not much help

  • It did the first week I started taking the Urso.

    I take a probiotic (capsule form) before every meal. It helps immensely with gas and stomach issues. I get the Ultimate 10 Probiotic from the Vitamin Shoppe. It is worth trying!

  • Pip, is there any reason you take that Probiotic ? Is it more natural I take a Rx pantoprozale...

  • Hi Arlie, my son used to take Rx Aciphex but found that a probiotic was more helpful. When I first started taking Ursodiol, I found that a probiotic allowed me to enjoy a meal away from home without fear of painful bloating and upset stomach. There are many types of probiotic but I just mentioned the one I am taking and works for me. FYI, before being diagnosed with PBC a few months ago, I had a craniotomy in 2015 to remove a large meningioma (brain tumor) and was periodically taking a probiotic and my neurosurgeon was OK with my taking it. Anyhow, it has worked very well for me and hope it may help others.

  • Thanks, what surprises me is I'm taking urso over 20 yrs and just lately I'm have these bouts...

  • mollymom I also suffer from bloated tummy and sometimes excessive gas. Maybe it is part of the PBC. Can honestly say it has nothing to do with the food I eat

  • Like you full of gas but can't put it down to food and it can be really painful. As Pippilotta suggests think I will give the probiotic a go

  • Hi Mollymom, my pbc was found from blood tests after I went to my gp about IBS symptoms. My gp suggested I follow the fodmap diet as I am extremely windy!! Fodmap has helped a lot with my ibs type symptoms, also even though I don't have an intolerance I have found that reducing gluten has helped. The urso hasn't made me worse, if anything it seems to have helped reduce my symptoms. Hope this helps.

  • Hello - my gas and digestive problems turned out to be coeliac disease which is another autoimmune disorder. Worth checking out because without gluten my life is so.much better. Good luck

  • Mine was as well Liver-bird, am just trying to get into the diet

  • Hello dolly daydreams (my old dad used to call me that)

    If you live in the UK you may be able to get gluten free bread, crackers, flour, oats, pizza bases on prescription. I just picked up my first gf food from pharmacy. It will certainly help as eating gf is quite expensive. Have you joined the Coeliac organisation - they are a mine of information and work hard on our behalf and they send you a great book listing all the gf food and places to eat out. Good luck with the diet. Best wishes from Diane

  • Hi Diane, i have just given my list into my GP, i just want the Juvela fresh bread and spaghetti, I like the fresh bread they do that i tried in the samples they send. I will buy anything else as don't really use flour and the pizza base was like a brick.

  • Wow liver bird, that's fabulous your National health care will pay for these items!!! As everyone knows I'm in the USA with no National Heath Coverage...... brilliant, since I am American/English.....maybe a trip to Great Britain ( there's a reason it's called Great !!) is in order....to gain citizenship.....only kidding about this , I'll start studying British history, that my Mom didn't tell me about....I do know all about WW11 England bc my Mom survived a German bomb crashing through her ceiling by the foot of her bed...Thank goodness it was a dud, made a little smoke and small flame which she put out!!! Seriously, good health to you and cheers to my Mom R.I.P. 1990, Newcastle upon Tyne's own!! All the best dear... Can't wait to visit there someday!!

  • Thank you all soooo much for your replies....I was so sick the other day my Pharmacist gave me a bottle of prebiotics...They are working!!!! For the first time since I was a teenager I have relief. It seems to work by breaking up the gas inside my stomach, I can hear it!!! Thanks again, and good health to all of you

  • So after 3-4 years with having almost every test known to god sometimes twice I am no closer to an accurate diagnosis then I was 4 years ago. I believe I have PBC but since my blood test was negative for AMA the gastro blew that off. With my pattern of elevated enzymes along with all phos it would point to something related to bile duct issues. About 6 weeks ago I had an ERCP that showed a very enlarged common bile duct with a very tight sphincter of oddi. He cut the sphincter open. Of course he didn't take any type of biopsies or washings or whatever they do, that would have assisted with an accurate diagnosis. I keep hearing from you guys about gas and bloating and pain after eating. That pretty much sums up my life lately. I usually start burping almost immediately after eating or drinking anything then the abd discomfit begins and I begin to feel really bad. I have to take pain medicine just to feel half normal on most days. I also have been helped somewhat from probiotics but ran out a while ago and I went to buy more I could not remember the brand I had been taking. The stuff I have now is pretty much useless. So here I sit wishing someone would perscribe urso for me to see if it would help with my pain.

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