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So been to the hospital now, thanks for the tip about taking a book, it was needed, PBC diagnosis confirmed and put me straight on ursodeoxycholic acid. Doing more bloods and going for MRI and dexoscan follow up appointment in a couple of months to see how I am getting on. I read that a side effect of the urso is diarrhea but it seems to have has the opposite effect and I have constipation. Is there anyone who has experienced the same? I drink water and have prunes with breakfast every day is there anything else I can do or take? Any suggestions gratefully received.

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  • Hi RoxyP, sorry that you have PBC, but at least/last you know the "enemy".. I find it somewhat easier to deal with that than the scary Unknown. How about you? I hope Urso will work for you, I've just completed my first month on it (lowest dose of 12mg/per kg/day) and have control blood test tomorrow.

    I've not experienced diarrhoea but neither constipation, it's amazing how we all react so differently! I had a bit of a rash on my face for about a week after I started Urso, and a couple of happy weeks of higher energy, but that's wearing off again unfortunately.

    Are you seeking natural remedies for the constipation? My son suffers from constipation now and then but prunes/figs/dates don't seem to solve anything quickly, so he's been given "Movicol" by his Dr., but that's a medicated solution (well, there's sodium and potassium and bicarbonate and something else in it) and it still takes a day or two to work. Warm pillow (microwaveable) helps him with the pain/pressure in his belly, but it's not a cure either. I'm so sorry I don't know anything else that would definitely work! I hope it's just a temporary reaction of your body to Urso and that it will eventually settle!

  • Thanks Caraway and yes strangely I feel happier now I can put a name to what I have and why I get so tired. I'm on 250mg twice a day increasing to 500 then 750mg twice a day over the next month. Don't seem to have much reaction apart from the constipation but only been taking the tablets for a week so time will tell.

    The prunes help and yes I use a warm pillow to relax my muscles. I too hope my body adjusts not happy to have constipation fir too long.

    Hope the blood tests go well tomorrow.

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi RoxyP

  • Hi RoxyP

    I use natually dried apricots, nuts and seeds with a muesli breakfast and have a lot of vegetables through the day. I have always had a tendancy to constipation. I have had a naughty Easter full of birthday cake (someone else's birthday) and hot cross buns and the sweet stuff seems to bung me up so it was back to normal yesterday. When I first started URSO I had to use indigestion medication but not now.

    Hope you had a good Easter.

  • Thank you butterflyEi the veggies are a good idea, I also had too much sweet stuff over Easter as i think many of us will have.....lol.... and this will not have helped i know.

    My Easter was in solitude this year my partner is working long hours to get things fixed at work so kept busy with my dogs and doing stuff around the house that I have been putting off for ages......got the rest of the week off as well so gonna put my feet up for some well earned rest.

  • I use Natural Calm which works quite well for me. It is Magnesium Carbonate supplement. I Magnesium citrate also works, between 400 mg and 1000 mg is safe. You need to adjust the dose based on your experience. If it causes diarrhea then reduce the dose.

    Good luck.


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