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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with PBC in January this year and have valued every message and comment that you all have written on this forum.

My husband has booked a holiday for us for a week in Europe and I wondered if there

Is a recommendation for travel insurance.

Do I just say I have PBC. A lot of people out there don't know or have never heard of it.

Any information about travel insurance and this condition will be really helpful

Thank you

Twill (Tricia) X

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Hello Twill.

Though I have not had cause for travel insurance with PBC as yet (I was diagnosed Dec 2010) you will find that insurance companies will know about PBC.

I was going to use travel insurance a few years ago but changed holiday plans before taking any insurance. I recall using a certain health screen online with a few questions regarding PBC. some insurance companies apparently use this way.

I did contact British Liver Trust at the time asking if they had any listed to use and I got an email with at the time who they thought may insure (there were no steadfast guarantees). If you check out Liver North online, they usually have a list of up-to-date insurance companies who tend to be willing to insure us with PBC, it is normally on the final page of their newsletters that are to be seen online, the current issue is on there.

Just noticed you have stated that you are holidaying in Europe. Are you an EU citizen (I am in the UK) as if so you can also apply for an EU healthcard (I have never had one but can check online. Beware as online there are some disreputable sites who can charge extortionate amount, you'd be safer on a Govt.uk website if you are in the UK.


(PS The insurance info is on the Home page of Liver North I have just noticed. But also it is the newsletters still.)

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Thank you Peridot

I am in the UK and the info u have given me is really helpful. I will let u know how I get on.

Love Twill X


Hi Twill

With my sister having PBC she was in same situation last year. I have had to get specialist insurance myself for years and often use All Clear. They were very understanding my sister said to her on the phone and reasonable cost. The Money Saving Expert site quotes a list of insurers worth trying with pre-existing conditions.

I organise all our trips to save any anxiety for my sister and always check where nearest clinic/hospital is to where we are. Theory being if do this like carrying an umbrella wont need it. Just gives me piece of mind as want her to enjoy benefits of some sunshine as long as physically able.

Have a great time when you go and sure will give you a boost!


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Thank you love x


If you search for Tr Ins on this site, you will find quite a few links to Qs and As where people have asked the same question, and members have replied. Some are quite recent. You will have better luck with the companies that deal with 'pre-existing medical conditions' and the best ones have comprehensive medical databanks that will have PBC listed and ask all the appropriate questions.

Remember to tell them everything.

Take care.


Hi GrittyReads

Thank u so much for the info I really appreciate it



Hi Twill. I would say if your PBC is fine and you're asymptomatic like I am (and have been for 13 years) I wouldn't worry about it. I've never declared my PBC in all this time and have been on many trips abroad!!

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Thank u Debbiem40

I appreciate you coming back to me about insurance. I will take your advise on board

Twill x


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