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Link between elevated liver enzymes and gall bladder removal?

I stuck my head in the sand for a year just hoping this PBC thing would go away. It didn't. I've finally scheduled a liver biopsy for the middle of March. During the visit to the specialist to get the ball rolling he said something curious about the results of the abdominal scan conducted last year and I didn't think to ask about it. He said the scan didn't reveal anything abnormal, which is something he didn't mention a year ago and just insisted no the liver biopsy before he started treatment. I couldn't afford it at the time, I'm a bit closer to doing so now but it but occurred to me that he also didn't respond to my question about the laparoscopic removal of my gall bladder in 2010 and the elevation of liver enzymes following the surgery. So is there a link? I'd appreciate knowing if this is just coincidental.

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Hi bei15354, I was found to have pbc following a heart attack. Similar to you I had gallbladder removed in 2009, which the surgeon told me later showed signs of multiple infections, the worst he'd seen. When I saw the liver specialist last year he said going by blood test results at the time of gallbladder removal, he thinks I've had pbc since then. One theory about pbc is that it can be hereditary and kicked off with an infection. So I think thats why mine started, no proof obviously, but seems logical. I was started on urso straight away but had to stop after severe allergic reaction, so am unable to take anything to slow it down.Luckily at present I don't have symptoms. I had a liver scan, results normal, but not had a biopsy as not thought necessary just now.



Your story sounds eerily similar to mine. I had my gallbladder out in 2010 as well and looking back at all of my blood work, my liver enzymes were all normal, including 7/3/10; the day i had my gallbladder removed. After that, my enzymes kept going up from there, where i was then referred to a gastro doctor! I am 100 percent convinced this gallbladder removal caused this. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know you're not the only one this has happened to. Take care. Be well


sorry, what's pbc?


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