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Acid reflux

Hi does anyone else suffer from acid reflux with their AIH/PBC ? I have been having trouble with this for years before my diagnosis. I recently had a colonoscopy for inflamed colon which aparently came up clear because they left me 8 weeks so anything inflamed had passed by then, but I also suffer nausea with vomiting and pain after eating. I eat well low fat and not much in way of meat and drink plenty of water and herbal tea.

I went to see my gp yet again about the sickness and she has decided I need another endoscopy to see what is going on in my stomach etc, but first I have to be checked for H-Pylori virus first. Ok, but I have had to stop my omeprazole. Gp did say I would have a little flare but OMG I have had full on acid reflux for 3 days now and nothing is helping. Was given gaviscon to take instead of omeprazole for the two weeks up to the test, its not working at all, I cant eat or drink anything.

Is there anything anyne can advise me to do about this and is it possible low acid could be my issue and not high acid....I expect if it was high the gaviscon would ease it down. I intend to ring the go tomorrow and tell them that the stomach acid is too much and bearing in mind my liver disease they should do the endoscopy anyway.

Thanks for any advice xx conniefused

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The first thing they did at diagnosis was an endoscopy and put me on omeprazole for Haiti's hernia. I don't suffer with it now. But an endoscopy will show exactly what's going on. X


Sometimes the doctors can't find a reason for acid reflux - my advice to you is to research information on how to alkalise your body - try to eat foods that do not add to your acid problem. Hope this helps - good luck


Hi, yes I get acid reflux and was put on omeprazole however recently I reduced dairy intake and rarely have wheat bread these days, now the reflux problem is not so bad. I still occasionally get the Ursofalk coming back at me. On my cereals I use almond milk and lunches may involve something on toast but one slice of bread during the day does not seem so bad when I used to have toast for breakfast and a sandwich lunch. Rye bread (I make it myself) is quite dense and high in fibre. The downside is that I seem to suffer with wind! I am not a lover of yoghurt but I believe that natural live yoghurt help with gut flora.

hope this is of some help

best wishes


Sometimes it is worth testing Apple cider vinegar in some water instead of gaviscon. It seemed totally counter intuitive to me but has worked more effectively at times. Also reducing wheat, dairy and fats later in the day. Including milk in tea or coffee


Thank you for your replies folks much appreciated....I have considered doing the gluten free diet because I did this before and I felt so much better, also been researching cider vinegar especially the one with honey as I am I would try anything to help the situation. I know there are side effects from omeprozole including bone thinning and yes it would be nice if I could stay off these permenantly but if it means I have to suffer, id rather take extra calcium needed to keep my bones healthy xx thank you xx


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