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ive got diverticular decease and acid reflux

hi last 3 weeks ive had nausea smelly gas and burping i do suiffer from diverticular decease and acid reflux ive been to gp whos going to do endscopy and a ultra sound on bowel . should i worry this is just a flare up or could it be something worse i get a burning sesation in up abdomen aswell ive been takin 30mg of lamparonzole once a day at night its sorted the indigestion out but why am i stll bur[ping constanly and passing gas sometimes smellymy bowels have been up and down aswell ive lost a 2 or 3pound in weight in 3 to 4 weeks saying that that could be do to the fact im walking more each week and more active than i was as i had my back in muscle spasm for 6 to 8 weeks wasnt very active then please help

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Hi, Sorry to hear what you are going through.

When were you diagnosed with PBC, what were the test results like for that, and do you take urso for the PBC? I don't take urso (only test +ve for AMA, with no symptoms and perfect lfts), but I know it can cause all sorts of digestive issues for some folk.

I would talk to the PBC Foundation [nb: it may be helpful if you have the above info, about your PBC, to hand when you phone] - link at the top of the page. Their advisors can help you. PBC can cause some dietary disturbance, you may need to change your diet. But it's good that the GP is arranging endoscopy and ultrasound to rule out anything else,.



hi thanks for replying to my post. I got diagnosed with diverticular decease 2 years ago. I had a colonoscopy done then then dignosed me with diverticular decease. no other tests have been done since. ive had flare up from it but normally they subside after 3 weeks . my doctor didn't put me on any thing for diverticular.just said a good diet plenty of fluids which I do .so im surprised its flared up again . but because of the acid causing burping and passing gas often and burning in my upper abdomen would the diverticular cause those symtoms or the acid problem has caused the diverticular to flare up im not sure if it is my diverticular flared up causing all the symtoms that's why I went to doctor 3 weeks ago just said take my lamparonzole once a day but 3 weeks later im still suffering how long do these flare ups take to subside many thanks

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Hi ritah,

I was curious to know if you had PBC, or not. Only I'm just wondering if maybe you have not received many replies, because not many people with PBC necessarily have diverticular disease (some may, but I don't think I remember it being discussed on here, much.

I'm not in a position to give any advice on diverticular disease, but I would go back to your GP, as if the Omprezole has not helped in 3 weeks, then maybe you need more advice.

I don't know if there is another 'health' site here on 'Health Unlocked' that will be more help to you about diverticular disease. Try typing it into the 'Search HealthUnlocked' box, at the top of this page.

Hope you get some help soon, but I'd go back to your GP.


hi no I haven't been diagnosed with pbc I was wandering if I was on the right site to discuss diverticular decease think thats why i havent had many replies I will type it in see if there is a site on health unlocked for diverticulat many thanks


I saw on World News Tonight that these anti acid things increase your chances for dementia by 44%.


I used to suffer badly with diverticulitis,since taking Lepicol as a monthly routene this seemed to have sorted this out,i put this down to this dryness ,dryness is my main horror,even though I drink plenty of water,eat greens,plenty of exercise,

Can anyone help me out on this,I've tried mind over matter,even my food is hard to digest,


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