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High Active B12 Flagged - Please Advise Newbie

Had my Active B12 checked along with my thyroid function tests by MediChecks and was surprised it was flagged as high. Was advised to decrease dose of any supplement I was taking. At the time was taking Visionace as felt my eyesight, esp night vision, had deteriorated. It contains 9ug of B12 which it says is 360% of RDA.

On 27 July Active B12 was:

194.8 pmol/L Range (25.10 - 165)

Was advised to have full blood count, liver & kidney function done to asses if this was significant which I did. Report on FBC said I had normal red, white and clotting cells and that this meant previous B12 result was unlikely to be significant.

Liver and kidney function subsequently found to be 'completely normal showing no indication of disease or inflammation'.

Sodium was 143.3 nmol/L Range 135.00 - 145.00

Uric acid 363 umol/L Range 175 - 363

I have had Hashimoto's Disease for circa 35 years and am now hypothyroid. Am on T3 and Eltroxin but dosage is still not optimal. Am waiting on endoscopy for coeliac disease as my sister has it and I have had IBS for more than 35 years following gall bladder removal. Have tingling and numbness in fingers and toes from time to time, no half moons on fingernails, except thumbs, memory issues, fatigue, crampy legs at night (take magnesium for that), tight leg muscles, sensitivity to noise and bright light, bleeding gums, impaired vision (hence the Visionace), irritability, shortness of breath (have asthma), frequent need to urinate, diarrohea, vertigo/fear of heights.

I don't smoke or drink to excess and I have a good varied diet with plenty of veg. I am gluten free. Am not taking any of the meds which affect B12. My sleep cycle is all to pot - am up half the night as not tired but often conk out watching tv. My Vit D was very low and am on supplements from GP for that. Has not come up that much was 27 now 58 nmol/L in circa nine months - was not given a loading dose.

Subsequent test on 10 Sept 2017:

Active B12 159 pmol/L Range 25.10 - 165

Folate (serum) 5.1 ug/L Range 2.91 - 50.00

25 OH Vit 58 nmol/L Range 50.00 - 200.00

Advice appreciated. TIA.

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hyburn, this appears to be a repost of an earlier post 5 days ago


is there a particular reason for reposting?

hypothyroid - which you say isn't under control - and vit D deficiency have overlapping symptoms

Gallbladder surgery can affect the ileum which could have compromised B12 absorption status but if you have responded to the dose you had in the supplement with elevated B12 then that would suggest you don't have a B12 absorption problem.

MMA is a test that could clarify if you have a deficiency at cell level.


I sorted out some typos. Didn’t mean to repost. How do I get MMA tested Gambit62?


thanks for clarifying on the repost - sometimes the platform 'gets its knickers in a knot' and posts things twice so may be what happened if you had been editing the original post for the typos and it seemed to be running slow/unresponsive when you came to updating.

You can get MMA done at St Thomas's in London - not had it done myself so not familiar with the exact mechanism - possible that some private companies may also offer it but again not sure.

Ideally it should be done as a urine test as this makes it easier to rule out liver and kidney function problems but if I remember your original post these have already been ruled out.

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Thanks. I am in Scotland so probably not feasible in London hospital but will see what’s available elsewhere.


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