Hello again. I wonder how many people on here take Magnesium. I have been type 1 on insulin for 40 years and hypothyroid for two and a half after a thyroidectomy. I am currently on large doses of Vit D for my deficiency at 25000iu twice a week. I see on here K2 is recommended when taking D3 and this also seems to link to magnesium. I have gone from under ten stone to 16 over last 5 years and am hoping my recent addition of T3 at 5mcg twice a day is going to help. I take 125 Levi in week and 100 att weekends and reverse T3 is 27. Is it possible I should take magnesium too? Is it dangerous if you don't know your levels? I don't.

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  • Helsan, would strongly recommend that you talk to a pharmacist.

  • Thank you I'll do that 😀

  • It is difficult to test magnesium with a blood test as it mostly resides in the cells. Magnesium is an important co-factor when taking VitD3 as is VitK2 MK7.

    VitD is fat soluble so take it with a meal containing good fats 😊

  • Thanks am taking Vit d with main meal. Asked gp if ok to take magnesium supplement as I take many different meds. She said she wasn't qualified to say!

  • There are many types of magnesium so have a google and see if there is one suitable for you ....

    When taking large quantities of VitD - the uptake of calcium from foods is increased. Hence taking VitK 2 MK7 is suggested as it directs calcium away from the arteries and into the bones and teeth. Calcium in the arteries is not good.

    Magnesium is a relaxant so best taken at night 😊

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