magnesium...and neuropathy

I read somewhere that magnesium helps with the pain of neuropathy. I thought I would give it a try - because although more frequent b12 injections have helped a lot - I am still left with a severe pain at night in my left foot. Well, a cannot believe the difference when I massage magnesium into my foot at night. If I don't do it the pain is severe - so it MUST be helping. Discussion anyone?

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  • Is that what Epsom salts is? If so I have had a bath of it before and found it so relaxing on my joints and muscles, might have to give it a go as my pains are everywhere at the moment even finger joints hurt. What other forms does it come in? Also read chocolate contains it....probably why I have been craving chocolate all the time recently lol

  • I buy the spray = and use it on my feet before I go to bed. I am amazed at the difference it makes.

  • Can you let me know which spray you are using please?☺

  • Better You Oil Spray - Amazon :-)

  • Thanks Marz . I actually got the one you've recommended 4 days ago. I've been using it, after my evening bath, on a very painful ankle that has been waking me EVERY night for 2 months. It's almost like a miracle has happened...from the first time I used it I have slept, pain free. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!☺☺☺

  • So glad it has worked for you. Some time ago it was discussed on this Forum that it was impossible to be absorbed through the skin 😟 Like you I have had positive results as have others ....

  • Well, I can't believe the positive effect it's had on me, I was getting desperate to relieve my pain. Glad it's worked for you too ☺

  • Hijillc39, I have 2 weekly b12 injections and although I have had some symptoms improve I have consistent numb feet with banding and cotton wool feeling in feet.This is over a year now. Recently my cramping, restless leg and spasms have been so bad at night my toes have been curling up, my feet wanting to turn up at ankles and calf muscles so tight I feel my bones are breaking. It is excruciating. I also have been researching and magnesium has come up as a possible aid to muscle cramps, I have just ordered magnesium malate capsules. It will take up to two weeks to arrive so may get some magnesium to rub in until then. . The other thing is diet. I generally have a very good diet making sure I get lots of potassium rich foods, banana, kiwi, avocado, mango etc and eat lots of leafy green vegetables. I had a few restaurant meals over the last number of days, with very little vegetables, probably too much salt and carbohydrates and had couple of very bad nights cramping. So back to my normal diet. I think when your nerves are damaged and b12 deficiency small changes seem to have a bigger impact on your day to day well being. I hope your leg cramps and other symptoms continue to improve. Kind regards.

  • thank you for your post.... try rubbing in magnesium oil = I understand it gets absorbed into the skin quite quickly.

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