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Terrible hairloss!

Please can someone help me with my results. I have been suffering hairloss for 3 years and cannot get to the bottom of it...

Ferritin 47 ng - reference 22-200 +

total white cell count - is 3.9/l on a reference 4.00- 11.00

mean corpus haemoglobin (MCH) 32.6 pg on reference 27 - 32

Hemoglobin estimation - 135 reference 120 -150

MCV - 97 Reference 80 - 100

B12 - 411 - Reference 187-883

Folate - 9.2 - cant remember reference but its UK based. I remember it being up to 20.

TSH - 2.29

Total T4 - 71 REFERENCE 58-161NMOL

FREE THYROXINE (FT4) - 14.3 reference 11.5 - 22.7 pmol

Free T3 - 5.0 Reference 2.8 - 6.5pmol

FT4 : FT3 RATIO - 2.9 REFERENCE 2.0 - 4.5

Please if anyone can offer any advice???



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Try posting this on the thyroid forum too, as many on there should be able to untangle the thyroid end of your bloods.


I have no medical training and so can't comment on your blood test results. However, following an illness last year I had huge hair loss, which has continued. I saw a trichologist privately and she advised that my hair loss was called "telogen effluvium".

It can be triggered by illness or stress and I had a low ferritin level and low Vitamin D. I also have B12 deficiency, which is treated with injections, now every 6 weeks, plus supplementary pills. The trichologist advised that ferritin should be above 100ug/l for hair regrowth, although the accepted NHS level is 60ug/l. I take Ferrous Fumerate 210mgs twice a day plus vitamins and minerals. I also had a private Vitamin D test taken, which showed that my results were "adequate". I actually felt that the test was not that accurate so if you did get that investigated I would advise that you are careful about who you choose to undertake the test.

My hair loss has slowed down but it still continues and I can empathise with how upsetting it is. I am hoping that as hair growth is cyclical it will slow down gradually over several years.

If you google "telogen effluvium" you can find quite a lot of background information there.


When I started losing hair my doc said he had another patient who was taking the same STATIN I was on and she was losing hair. He changed the statin but I decided to stop statins altogether. My hair stopped falling out and grew back. I had been disturbed by it because it wasn't growing anywhere - legs etc! Its all fine now. Are you on a statin?


Hi moonbeamx can I ask which statin it was? This is very interesting to me.


I'm sorry I honestly can't remember! ( I already take NINE different varieties of other tablets, non-statins, so to be able to name one I no LONGER take is impossible!) If you named one I would then be able to say 'yes it was' or not.......


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