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Help interpret my results... Bad hairloss!

Hi everyone,

I have recently had my blood test results back

Vitamin b6 - 419 nmol on reference 35-100 ( very high)

Vitamin b12 - 411 nmol ref 187 - 883

Folate 9.2 ug ref 3.1 - 20.5

I was about to start supplementing b complex until I saw my b6 results..

My question is my b12 low enough to justify supplementing. Suffering terrible hair loss, not are this is the cause though.


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Is that the only symptom, or is there more? I don't want to ask leading questions, but there are other diseases that cause hair loss?


I also suffered terrible hair loss earlier this year after a very bad bout of flu, which left me bedridden for 8 weeks.

I have B12 deficiency and have 8 weekly injections and prescribed pills three times a day.

One of the things that showed up in my blood tests was that my iron was extremely low and I have to take 2 iron tablets a day. Been taking them for over six months and after the three month blood test my levels had hardly moved, so continue to take them and a very strong multi vitamin every day.

Hair loss slowed down a lot but has begun again, not to such an extent though and I think that it may just be cyclical hair loss that is slightly above normal.

Have you had a severe illness before this started?


This all started due to the birth control 3 years ago and hasn't stopped! How low was

Your b12. Do

You think mine is low enough to supplement? I am suffering with itchy scalp and burning. Do you have those symptoms?


Just a thought - contraceptive pills would have depleted your B12.

As you've already started supplementing, you could try a higher strength - Jarrows methylcobalamin 5000 mcg sublingually available from Amazon. I find them very effective.

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The only thing is I was only on them

For 3 months and they have completely ruined my

Life! I urge all women to re think those little pills!! I get so worried about upping doses incase it makes hairloss worse! Were you b12 deficient?


High levels of B6 can have severe symptoms - mainly peripheral neuropathy, which is also a symptom of B12 deficiency. The people in this study - - had levels of around 70 ng/ml which translates to 0.416 nmol/ml or 416 nmol/L - which is the same as yours.

I would take this very seriously indeed.

I would stop taking any B-supplements, see my doctor and ask to get re-tested. If it comes back as high again then you need to find out why,

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Thanks I havnt been taking any b supplements which is the strangest thing. I've been suffering hairloss with an itchy burning scalp. Not sure this is related though? I have just purchased some subliminal b12 tablets to get

My b12 up. Do you think this would be OK? Thanks for all your help


There have, to my knowledge, never been any reports of problems with neuropathy caused by dietary B6 - only artificial forms of B6

if you search the EFSA sight they may have done a review and update on B6 hazards since this guidance was originally done as it is nearly 10 years old now.

There is mention in the section on B6 of interaction with protein content of diets which might be something to investigate.


I wonder what your VitD levels are ? VitD is a steroidal pre-hormone needed in every cell of the body - trillions and trillions of them. If your D3 is low then things can begin to go wrong. I found my hair grew much thicker once I was taking VitD. Also take VitK2 as VitD improves the uptake of calcium and K2 ensures the calcium goes to the bones.

Itchy scalp and hair loss can also be linked to low thyroid - so again when I was optimally treated the hair was much improved ....


Thankyou for your response. My vit d is actually 65 so I believe this is normal.

I've had my thyroid tested and all is within normal I believe

Tsh - 1.75

T4 13.3 ref 12- 22

Ft3 4.3 ref 3.1 - 6.8

I feel as if I'm doomed now :(


If your VitD was measured as nmol/L then 65 is quite low. To convert it into ng/L divide by 2.5 and the result is 26. 60 is the Optimal figure - see the website below....

So a dose of around 4000 IU's of D3 would be a good dose to raise your levels. It is fat soluble so take it with the main meal or with some good fat. Also take VitK2 to ensure the improved calcium goes to the bones and teeth and not remain in the blood stream.

Your TSH is low in the range - but then so is your FT4 and FT3. Do you have thyroid anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg ??? So although your thyroid results are within the ranges - the FT4 and FT3 are LOW.

When I was diagnosed with auto-immune thyroid in 2005 - the TSH - FT4 and FT3 were all in range - however anti-bodies were high. Hashimotos was diagnosed. Have you been diagnosed with PA ?

NEVER accept normal form your GP - maybe the results are in range - but that does not mean the results are normal. Where they are in the range is very important. Your FT4 and FT3 need to be higher.

There is Primary Hypothyroidism and Central. In the case of the first - your TSH is raised to the top or over the range.....with Central Hypothyroidism the TSH is low as is the FT4 and FT3.....similar to yours.

Happy to try and help if you have more questions :-)


Thankyou for responding. I had thyroid antibodies checked last year August and they were ok. How do you raise ft3 and ft4 without thyroid meds, as nhs won't do anything with these results x


....sorry but what does OK mean ??? :-)

Have you considered Central Hypothyroidism whereby it is a Pituitary problem. When the TSH - FT4 and FT3 are low it does point to Central Hypothyroidism being the problem rather than Primary hypothyroidism....


Tpo were negative. To be honest I've pushed my doctor to refer me privately for my thyroid and they outright refuse. They won't do anything for me. Are there any supplements or anything I can do for this?


B12 supplements will be good to raise your B12 and also some D3 with K2. See my post above. You need good levels of both for your thyroid to work efficiently. Maybe post your concerns on Thyroid UK forum and see what comes up - over 30,000 people there and almost everyone happy to help.....

Have you been diagnosed with PA ?

Do you have gut issues ?


Thankyou I will do. I havnt been diagnosed with PA although my MCH level was 32.7 an the reference cut off was 32. Also my white blood cells were 1 point below reference range too, not sure of the significance though as now I'm starting to think a b12 level of 411 ng isn't so bad. It has dropped from 499 in a year though.

I think I may have gut issues as I had all my minerals tested and they are all at lower end but still within reference x


Your B12 needs to be nearer the top of the range - around 900/1000. It would be good to supplement.

Also consider on healing the gut so you are better able to absorb vitamins and minerals....

With a B12 below 500 you can experience neurological symptoms and should not be left untreated.

Only 20% of your B12 blood test result is available to be utilised at a cellular level.


Thanks I have started to supplement 1000mcg of b12 as well as 400mcg folate. I've

Found out my vitamin d is 26ng I believe this is low aswell? I can't understand why everything is low I've got such a good diet! I've heart drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can heal the gut?


No, it can't heal the gut. However, if you suffer from low stomach acid then consuming any sort of acid with a meal will help with digestion (especially of protein) and with the absorption of many vitamins and minerals.




It's a good thing to take? I'm starting pro biotics as well. So

Hopefully the two will start to heal my gut


Abzeig - yes I posted above about your VitD and the dose required with an appropriate website. Improving acid levels in the stomach can only help the digestion of proteins - you may wish to look into Betaine HCL.

The stomach is one thing - the gut is another. The immune system runs closely with the yards of gut. B12 is absorbed mostly in the Terminal ileum where the large bowel joins the small. I only am aware as I don't have one !!

If you are taking the Jarrow B12 lozenge then ensure it dissolves slowly in the cheek or under the tongue so it is taken up by the micro-circulation and avoiding any gut issues. You may wish to think about the Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000mcg B12 lozenge until your levels are optimal. I have read that the B12 sprays are good.

Having a good diet is one thing - but how it is absorbed in the stomach and gut is another I'm afraid. I was diagnosed with Crohns 40+ years ago - so had to learn fast how to deal with the problem of gut issues

Do have a read through all the posts again and make some notes. Easy to miss things !


Thankyou yes I purchased

Some vit d3 liquid drops, as well as sublingual. B12 1000mcg maybe il supplement higher! I also use magnesium

Spray. As I've realised I clearly am not absorbing vitamins properly! Thankyou for all of your helpful information and I

Hope you are I your way to good health too! X

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