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Joint and bone aching pain

I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and intermittently have had joint and bone pain for 17 years, but have generally managed to live an active, happy life. Since early Jan this year after a minor fall on ice I have had particularly more pain - mainly in shoulders, elbows and knees. Yesterday I woke with excruciating pain in my hips and hobbled around all day. Today it is not nearly as bad.

Last week I was prescribed Co-codamol, Naproxen and Omeprazole which I am taking (along with my usual Glucosamine & Chondroitin MSM, Cod liver oil, Calcium and vitamin D).

Applying heat to a particularly sore area helps a bit, but was wondering if anyone has any other advice which might help. The constant draining pain is exhausting.

Thank you.

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Naproxen wasn't working for my chronic pain so I switched to Tramadol which seemed to help greatly. Pain IS draining and I hope this helps.

Can truly sympathize with you when our bodies betray us with this debilitating condition.


Thanks for this. Am glad Tramadol works for your pain. Sadly I reacted badly to Tramadol when I've been given it in the past ...


Sorry to hear about the build up of pain. I know how much energy that takes to deal with that constant pain.

Do you know about Dr. Francomono’s 75% Plan for Pain Relief. "Take, for instance that your medications take care of 20% of your pain relief. Then you use your TENS unit for another 10% reduction. Some Tiger Balm on your painful joints brings another 5% of pain relief. Maybe you could pull out your heating pad too for another 5% of pain relief. Then you decide upon a warm soak with Epsom Salts for another 10% pain relief. Deep breathing and some PT exercises combine for another 10% of relief. And then you watch a great movie for another 15% of pain relief. So now you have 75% of your pain managed effectively. How would your days be different if 75% of your pain was gone? Dr. Francomono’s plan demonstrates the importance of using multiple strategies…even if each one only makes a tiny difference, the difference made when they all are added together is significant.”

There is also the Pain Tool Kit paintoolkit.org

If the drugs aren't working then just taking more is unlikely to work either. Sometimes we have to look at other ways of getting through the day.


OK, that's interesting. Will try multiple strategies and see how I get on. Thanks.

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I find splinting any of my hypermobile joints for a while greatly improves pain. Maybe some supports just while pain is so bad. Best not to leave them on to long tho so there's no muscle loss. Maybe for joints you can't splint an elasticacted support....you can get some with magnets in if you find magnet therapy helpful

Also I find long time heat good. I have an electric blanket on the sofa with a throw over it to hide it and have it switched in all the time, same with the one in my bed...it's on all night. Just to stop any cold or damp getting into the joint. Also there is an electric hot water bottle which is good...usually under £20 which gets very warm and when heated up stays hot for hours....better than microwave heat packs.

And then finally regular physio or a chiropractor, I go once a month, this helps but also corrects any problems from change in posture due to finding a comfortable position which then can put strain on different muscles

I have found as I have got older my hypermobility causing more pain and also finding new joints hypermobile which I had thought were normal.

Oh and

I sometimes use volterol if any muscles getting to tight supporting the hypermobile joint and if they are excruciatingly tight and painful I find taking over the counter paramol good for a couple of days. You are only allowed to take it for 3 days but I find I have only needed it for 2 days n it's relieved that acute style pain. I'm on zomorph for the long term pain....not brilliant but takes the edge off. I'm also on pregabalin.

Hope you find some relief soon. I know it's not nice hurting all over



Thanks Jo. Will look into splints and physio. V helpful


Id call for blood testing maybe ra


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