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Facet joint injections

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So my consultant has stated that I require facet joint injections in my lumbar spine.

I am a little apprehensive as in July I had nerve root block injections, which made everything worse...I literally went from walking in fine (moderate pain and on a mixture of tablets) to have them done to not being able to walk without crutches after and am increase in my pain to like 20 times worse.

I just wondered if anyone has experienced facet joint injections and if it has helped (or hindered) them.

Thanks! πŸ˜€

14 Replies

Yep had facet joint injections and yes they got rid of one of the pains and lessened the other pains. Lasted for a year.

I had nerve denovations another time and epidural injection an other time. Unfortunately long term its not the answer.

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Leelee16661 in reply to lupus_01

Thank you so much for your reply! I am glad you had some relief with them. I hope you have a more long term treatment in place, nothing worse than constant pain. Take care

I have had great success with the I jections. Had then about 6 times now. The good effect last about 6 months but in my health board area I am onky offered then every 18 months .

Tried privately twice but the price tag is way too much.


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I'm glad that you have found relief from having them, just such a shame that you can't have them more often. I live in England and I think they offer 3 a year if successful.

Have you been given any other treats to help with your pain? I hope you find a more permanent fix for your pain. Take care

Yes I have had facet joint injections and they have been fantastic

I was in a lot of pain and its been an amazing difference

Try not to listen if you get any negative or scary replies there's always someone who will put a damper on things

All the best πŸ€—

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Leelee16661 in reply to Cat33

Hi, thanks for your reply! I am so glad I have found people that they have worked for. I've been trying to do research online and the amount of negative stories I have found is so much more than the positive. I mean I know they don't last forever, but I think they are being used in my case as a diagnostic tool to find if it's the source of my pain. I live in the UK so am very lucky with the treatment options available to me, hopefully these injections will help and I get some of my life back.

Do you have the injections ofteb or have you found any other treatment that lasts longer?

Thank you again! All the best!😊

Oh there is so much negativity when you look online When you post too sometimes someone will tell you something dreadful

My friend is in agony with her knees but won't think of having anything done as her yoga teacher tells the class knee operations don't work 😠😠

My injections have been brilliant I had them done last year ! I have to be careful not to overdo it but haven't needed anymore as yet I found pyhsio helped a lot especially an exercise called the bridge Please ask your doctor though before you try it

I use a walker when I go out for longer walks I know that might not be something you want to try I was sooo embarrassed at first but the difference it has made has been brilliant and given me more freedom to enjoy days out I've met loads of younger people who use them it just balances me and takes the strain off my back

Also Nordic sticks are supposed to be good for walks and pain

I hope you get relief very soon x

Ouch I had a facetectomy/decompression/discectomy last Saturday.I have never had facet joint injections.I hope it goes well and you get some relief from pain.

I've had them for lower spine and shoulder facet joint pain followed a few months later by denervation treatment. They certainly relieved the pain for a while.

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Leelee16661 in reply to 041051

How was the reservation treatment for you? I know that what they are talking about for me, if these injections work. 😊

I had no problems. They can be a bit painful for some but I don't seem to feel them too much. I have chosen not to have too many now because they were raising my blood sugars and as my mum had late onset diabetes I spoke to the consultant and we agreed to reduce the amount I have. Unfortunately, I think the pain management team in my area and another area have given up on me and I am now having no treatment. I wasn't considered suitable for lidocaine infusions and I haven't been given an appointment to see anyone else. It might have helped if the consultant or the "team" had had my notes in front of them when they saw me.

I have had them on three levels, one of the few injections that helped.

Am 82 spine stenosis, spondylosis, bonespurs, herniated discs, arthritis in lumbar spine and all this causes my sciatica. Got so bad had morphine injected in emergency room. But the series of three epidurals with steroid helped the inflamed nerve and i can walk again. The answer is daily stretches, phys therapy 3x week, keep the sciatic nerve as free as possible. Keep moving, sitting bad even tho it feels good. Take 50 mg Tramadol only when needed. The steroid epidurals really made a difference. Once the inflammation settles i feel its up to me to prevent a new flare up by stretching and core exercises. The doctors dont think operation necessary, too risky (age) as long as i can manage.....

I was told after the injections to do physical therapy couple of days later and keep doing it.....

I've had them . It's unpleasant procedure. But worth it to me. That's sad thst the nerve block had that effect, they always warm of the risks but it's awful of they happen. My lumbar injections always help,I try to get them at least once a year.

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