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acute facet joint pain

hi does anyone know when or if acute facet joint related pain is covered by the The Equality Act 2010 as my employment seem to think i am off too much with my back pain even when twice it was for treatment to hopefuly give me longer pain relief. if it is covered they have to enable me to have treatment and not class it as sick leave. i am rather upset at moment as i am prob going to be pulled in as i am now on my 5th absence in 12 months yes guess who i work for

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It should be even if it is a restricted condition and they decide to call it that.

All what you mention is hypothetical for your employer. If they want you out, they will somehow arrange your departure.

if they want to

Now I understand you work for the great and good I never found the great and good where I was.sadly they never did show any sympathy

So good Luck, I will say the old good luck term "Break a Leg", sorry you will need a certificate in triplicate before you do that. Bless their little hearts



I live in the USA and if 5 days were missed in 12 months, we would

be at high risk of losing our job. I always thought the grass was greener

over in the UK, apparently not. I'm afraid to get the injections and then be

off of work. I'm waiting for my end of the year vacation. I take a lot of over

the counter and prescription anti inflammatories. My stomach hurts all

the time.


a disability is when you struggle with normal daily tasks so i struggle to do ironing or vacuming for anything longer then half an hour also if my back is bad i struggle putting my socks on or going up or down stairs most days i survive on painkillers just to do daily things so would call it a disability but i expect doc would say different.

i dont ant to claim beifits i just want to be understood at work


Thats something to ask the disability advisor at the CAB.

I would wonder though if "acute" pain is classed more as a sick leave thing, but that its "chronic" disabling health conditions that come under disability discriminaton legislation. Disability within legislation often has definitions that include length of time, so for example for DLA you have to have had the condition for 3 months and expect it to continue for at least a further 6 months. Disability is also about long term loss of function.

there is some information here about sick leave:

I'm kind of surprised that you haven't been taking sick leave for appointments though - I've always had to (unless it is just a very quick local doctor appointment and I make up the time), and I'm definitely registered disabled. The only protection I have for disability is that if I can't manage to keep up my hours, then I can't be automatically dismissed because of disability, until they have tried to make "reasonable accommodations".


If you have been on prescribed medication for 12 months or more then you shouldcbe covered by the DDA.


well waste of time i now getting so much defered pain in legs and feet it takes me all my time to walk back on amtriptyline at night and co ocdamal at day.

even the easy task of vacuming or standing too long when ironing or making tea is painful. doc put me on sick for another two weeks so can see work will be trying to redeploy me when i get back


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