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Post Inguinal hernia repair

So here I am 5 months after inguinal hernia repair constant nagging pain in my groin along with occasional, four or five times day or night of a burning and stabbing pain in the same area, feels like being stabbed with fine needles, every movement hurts to a greater or lesser degree, especially lying in bed, pain killers are no relief, not that sort of pain, feels like something is scratching, could this be the result of the net inserted to reinforce the tear, could it have moved?

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That sounds very painful, I remember when I had a kidney stone removed an they put a stent in for a week so that I have drainage well it moved and if felt like I was being stabbed in my side with a knife so I called the doctors office and they said can you drive and I said yes so I got down to the office. I had an ultrasound done and the tech said it had moved and usually they don’t tell you anything. Well then I saw the doctor and he said I don’t usually take those out this early can you wait till Monday I said No you have to know it was Friday and he just wanted me to leave it in and he said you can go to the ER I SAID NO I WANT IT OUT NOW. so I got it out good thing I did I was having a blockage. When I was leaving the woman at the reception desk asked me how I was doing and I told her that now I can dance lol but I had no more pain. I was glad I went to the doctors. Sorry 😐 about that, I just wanted you to know that something can probably be done. Maybe you can get an ultrasound or some kind of x-ray to see if something has shifted. I would call your doctor an let them know if they say it’s usually like that I would ask if you can get an ultrasound just for your peace of mind. I wouldn’t let this pass for to long.

Good luck 👍

I hope you feel better.


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