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Back pain and hip pain


I had a fall nearly 7 months ago i fell on my sacrum then they told me i had insuffient fracture then about 3 months after they said they could not see anything on the MRI any fracture even the consultant was pretty sure i needed a operation then the said i had arthritis of the facet and hairline fracture of the hip but i'm still in lot pain i have like pain in my thigh and feels like bottom is about to drop out and feels like my toes are stuck together as i have hammer toes and i have constant physio hydrotherapy and had physio on land they call done all the exercises and i am still doing them outside physio but still no change i am on strong pain killers and i can not sleep because i have get to turn over i have stop whining now said i had sciatic but had for months done all the stretches ans still nothing day in day out just dull ache and get dull ache in my shoulders can someone help

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so sorry to read of all your difficulties. I wonder if you might give your body a rest from all the exercise and just be gentle with yourself by doing a gentle stretch for a while. It takes a long time to recover from a fall. Can you speak to your doctor again maybe a change of medication may dull the pain better.

Hi SARAHHOUSE67. You certainly have a lot going on. Have I got this correct that you have been diagnosed with arthritis of the facet joints and a hairline hip fracture ? What kind of arthritis is it ? I would assume osteoarthritis.

The hip fracture will take a while to heal and during that time a good diet low in unprocessed foods will help the healing.

The pain in the thigh is likely to be a result of the fracture as the way you walk and move will have changed. Seeing a chiropractor might help if you have developed bursitis as a result.

Be patient with the healing process. Keep moving with walking and gentle stretching though.


The chiropractor will not touch because i also have osteoporosis too but more than than i never seem to get answers i have had physio nearly 7months and gentle stretching i have done. i have lost stone in weight now too but still in lot pain i have injections for my bursits and i had it for nearly 18months and i can feel my pain through my feet i also have freibergs disease too in my toes but have job to more in the morning unless i take my need answers seen the consultant in 2 weeks.

I’m not sure I have any hep for you but I also suffered a spontaneous insufficiency fracture to my sacrum 4 yrs ago and up until now had hardly ever heard of anyone else having one. The fracture with me healed relatively quickly but the pain never went away and four years later, I’ve just been discharged from the pain clinic as there is nothing else left to try. Get your GP to refer you to a Pain clinic ASAP as the waiting lists are dreadfully long- they are good at mixing and combining different drugs to try and find a combination that might work for you.

I hope that the pain eases for you; I remember at my first meeting with the rheumatologist that sometimes the pain never goes away but I didn’t believe him I was a head of department at a large secondary school but after nearly 20 months off, I was medically retired and given iIllhealth retirement.

Please don’t class what you do as whining , it’s not and this place is a good place to vent and get your feelings out. It’s a very difficult thing to come to terms with so feel free to shout as much as you like 😆

Take care and I’m sending all my best wishes. ❤️

Hi Sara i suggest that you don't do exercise that you did at physio until after you see the surgeon. You may need rest in order for you're sacrum to heal. I tried physio and it made me worse. Now I just do stretching and walking. Good luck. Lola

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