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Post- thoracotomy and peripheral neuropathic pain

I have been diagnosed with post- thoractomy syndrome and peripheral neuropathic pain which is a horrendous condition. My issue that I am struggling with the most lately is mobility. Everytime I walk it literally feels like my insides are tearing with every step I take.The pain feels like an open wound disintegrating. Everytime I walk I am conscious of every step I make and now avoiding to walk altogether, which is a shame because I love walking. Has anyone ever experienced this kind of pain before and if so what is the way forward. Interested in any suggestions.

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Hi sorry to hear of your problems as far as pains go I'm in a position that I can only walk if you call it walking pushing s frame after months of waiting I did get Mri done and now waiting for results let's hope they will show something to help what pain killers are you on mine don't seem to be of much help

I haven't heard of your problem but will google it lol

I've been this bad for at least 6months had problems before but don't know what's going lon now

I am thinking of you and will look out for you on the forum

Take care


So sorry for this, I have back issues witch prevent me from walking and exercising hard..hiking , biking, chronic pain with RA , FIBERMYALGIA took my quality of life..I'll look up your illness..and I hope it gets better..I feel increased pain with walking.

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Hi jaybrody

So sorry to read of your painful diagnoses. I too have peripheral neuropathy and restricted mobility, not nice!. I take Gabapentin for nerve pain and was prescribed this by my GP. Also Amitriptyline which helps sleeping. This can also be prescribed by your GP. You don't say what treatment you've been given/ offered and for your other condition which sounds horrendous I was wondering if you've been referred to a Pain clinic?. They treat pain in lots of different ways and have access to different drugs that GP's can't prescribe!. They also offer injections and a pain management course teaching coping strategies!. I've been to one and been transformed after having nerve pain from an emergency abdominal op and I've made new friends as well!.

Hope you get benefit soon. x


When the medications,are no longer available what will you all do then? Buy healing herbs seeds organic soils volcanic ash big pots fertalizer uv lights and garden and camping tools and lots of water food serds. Get OFF as many of these drugs now slowly as u can, walk garden, dont lift weights u cant handle dont get frustrated or give uo. Chiropractic takes longer bu ur bodies can heal naturally. God gave us all we need on earth for good health...drugs alone arentthe answer


I am currently on oramorphine 5ml every four hours, Lidocaine patches5% 2 patches at night , tramadol 50mg and I take 8 tablets a day which is the maximum i am allowed to take. Gabapentin 300mg, three times a day, diazepam 10mg also three times a day.

I have tried most nerve related medication which haven't appear to work as they only made me droswy and dopey without the benefit.I had 3 nerve blocks elective procedures which with no tangible relief. So I can safely say I have tried most therapies out there but now I am waiting for a Spinal cord stimulation operation also called neurostimulation which apperantly has a long waiting list due to the NHS being oversubscribed. I have been waiting for the past year and still no near a confirmed date yet. I feel my condition is getting worse. I am under a pain management clinic in Middlessex. The physician says this is my last resort under NHS and fortunately enough I qualified for it,so I am pinning high expectations on it. Touch wood this is the real deal, but what I understand with my condition the neuromodulation procedure only take 40% of my pain.. My pain is horrendous and my mobility is so impaired now. This is besides other neuropathic pain symptoms that I have to deal with. Coming on this site gives me hope as I feel that I am relating with people who understand pain. As for my GP's , bless them they are out of their wits as they keep saying we are running out of options to help you. You can feel their frustration.


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