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My lower back hurts and top of back

hi I have been in pain with my lower back and the top of my back feeling sick and I got a sickness in my tummy , dizziness , and it feels like I got a hurt burn as well my back has been so hot that I could fry a egg on it by back has hurt me so much I could not sleep tonight feeling sick any idea what it could be I had back ace for about 3 and a half years now on and off

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It could be infection. There's a virus that sits in bones and mimics arthritis. It's often missed by gps. It can be diagnosed with a scan and treated with antibiotics.

In fact a lot of back pain is due to infection. It's something to rule out anyway.


Hi there.

Like you I have back ache but mine started after an accident many years ago (1976) for me the sickness comes as a result of to much pain the same with the heat there are times in winter I could be outside on a very cold day with no top on and still be sweating.

my advice to you is go and see your doctor and see what he/she can give you i expect you need a good pain killer along with a muscle relaxer.

was you involved in an accident at the start? from what I have seen most people who develop back ache have a cause they can put the damage down to, when you see your doctor make sure you tell him/her about all the problems at the same time and get them to treat you as a whole and not as separate problems.

most likely the dizziness is due to your neck which causes the muscles to spasm causing you to have a bad neck and headache.

I wish you all the best in finding a cure that works for you,

Regards Poppy Ann.


No accident , my mum does have curve of the spine top and bottom


To be brutally honest there are 1001 different things this could be. It could be infection, a pulled muscle, something to do with your previous problem or something as random as constipation.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the only way to know for sure is to go and see a doctor.

I am sorry if I sound mean in this. I just didn't want to fill you with false hope or fear. With something as fragile and complex as a back I feel it is important to be careful with giving ideas of diagnosis on here without really knowing what's going on.

I really hope you feel better soon and you get you back sorted.



Hi there.

I hope you are starting to feel better. I have just gone over what I put and I sound a right self important obnoxious git! I am sorry that. You got the brunt of my bad pain day. That wasn't fare or right of me. I truly am sorry.

What I was trying to say was that some times people put something on here and it's really clear what it is. They have multiple diagnosis and from our collective experience we can guide them in a direction to get a specific diagnosis. In your case it sounds like you are at the beginning of the road. The first point of call should be your GP or family doctor. If they are any good they should be able to point you in the right direction.

I really hope that isn't necessary and that you are on the mend.

All my best.



I relate so much this is my third day of feeling identical to you.. I am resting taking Ibupofen for inflammation and trying not to feel sick by eating toast etc.. my doctor said burning is nerve pain I am also on pregabiline as well as codryadamol.. have had flare ups like you for the past 3 yrs have not got any magic cures can only suggest resting until it calms down good luck xx


My mum has curve of the spin top and bottom


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