My Medical Record for my Hernia Repair - 2011

A recorded delivery letter today. My medical records from the hospital that I requested so I could find out what type of mesh and the serial number of the material used. I am gobsmacked at what I read in the records. I had a CT scan done in 2012, six months after I had my hernia repair. This is the first time I have seen or been told the result of the scan. The radiographer has written that the scan done with contrast has picked up that there is probable mesh infection !!! Now after scan when I saw the consultant I was told there was no problem with the mesh and my pain would settle.

Well here I am in 2015 after running (hee hee... running) to the doctors, GP's with chronic pain, fatigue, nausea since 2011, only to find that it is probably mesh infection. Been fobbed off with pain killers.

Earlier this year my GP sent referral to surgeon for re-assessment. Now waiting on results of new scan.

Question is what should I do about their neglect in my treatment in 2012. I have never been able to go back to work.

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  • Hi by the sounds of it u have a case for compo because the consultant as not bothered to read the report of u CT scan so there for they are liable.

    I would wait to see what this report says if it's the same report from u first report then I would take legal action against the consultant

  • Get in touch with a specialist solicitor for Medical Negligence x

  • Hi Liz62, sorry to hear about your problem, I too have had a hernia repair using mesh and have suffered a lot of pain and discomfort. I had fibromyalgia and m.e before the operation. My worry is the constant pain, the consultant said he didn't know why I had pain. I recently had a ct scan for further stomach pain and it has picked something up, they said they weren't sure what, maybe kidney stones. I have recently had another scan but do not have the results yet. It will be interesting to see hat the reults are, that is if I am told the correct results! x

  • Hi ElaineB53 sorry t are suffering hear you are also suffering from mesh pain. Ask to see a copy of all you treatment concerning your hernia, find out what type of mesh you have been fitted with. There have been some many recalls of mesh patches. We, patients should have this information to protect ourselves if ours are ever recalled.

    Well it is now 3 weeks since my CT scan so I hope to be getting an appointment to discuss the results

  • Sue them for medical neglect

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