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Trapped nerve in neck


Hi I'm new today and would like opinions please.For the past 6weeks I have had a sore neck ,pins and needles and numbness down my left arm and numb fingers.i have seen 5 different doctors who have given me pain killers (naproxen,codeine and I already take amitriptyline and tramadol at night)

I was referred to the muscular skeletal team on 17th August but have been told the wait is about 12 weeks.

I have seen a chiropractor twice (£105) who has confirmed it's a trapped nerve in my neck. This seems to be getting worse by the day and pain meds are not really helping except for knocking me out. I know I need a MRI scan and possibly a cortisone injection but how on earth do i get seen quicker.I can't afford the chiropractor fees,999 isn't an emergency,111 ,maybe but will end up in A&E ,will I get seen quicker? I can't work and I can't drive .im ok if I don't move from the couch or bed but as soon as I do the pain and pins and needles are there.Help this is driving me mad!

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Hi there. You need to see neurology team and neuro surgeon. I had the same but had arterial cervical dissection and fusion done 6 weeks ago.

Demand an mri. You will need one done so it will cut down waiting time by having one done now. I've been on zomorph and now oxicodeine and nothing completely works. But you need help and whoever you see will order one I would say. So demand one now. No Dr can properly treat you without one.

Thank you sally .im seeing my 5th dr today and that is what I'm hoping to get done.had enough now

How do I get an immediate scan? A&e?

You need to speak to Dr. Make an appointment with one that you have a bit of faith in and say the only way forward is mri. Just ask in a way that really is telling if you get me. No Dr likes being told so sort of put the thought out and pray the Dr grabs it. Just keep asking don't leave it. It's just going to delay the end results with special because they will order one anyway I would think.

A referral was sent on .17th August I was told 12-16 weeks for consultation and then I will have to wait 6weeks for scan. My son gets married in 3weeks and I'm worried that I'm going to be in so much pain I won't enjoy the day

Dr's can organise it for around 5/6 wks. Sometimes sooner. I think you have to start putting pressure on them. Have you had physio etc acupuncture both through Dr.? If not ask for it as it may help and it will push for mri too x

Yes. If they would do it.

I have got an appointment today for NHS physio and an appointment next week for orthopaedics anything else I can't get sooner. Will have to wait but for how long I don't know!

Hi Lesley. How are you now. Did GP agree to give you any Diazepam?

Sorry. Don't understand why - but only just seen all of your reply that you went to A&E.

But they didn't do the MRI or even give you any Diazepam? ?

I saw that you have an appointment on Friday but with who?

So glad to hear you are seeing Physio today. Hope you get a good one and they can really help.

When you do get the MRI scan, it may just be a case of knowledge after all. If you lived near me I could ask a retired private physio to help you. ( South Wales ) He helped my husband (as a favour) also a man working temp at my former Church. Both had been to GP and got nowhere.

How are you feeling emotionally as well as physically with less than 2 weeks to go before your son's wedding.

Don't reply if too busy. But let's know briefly if you get good help from Physiotherapist sometime.

I really hope you do.


All the best for your Physio today and Orthopaedics next week.

Hopefully after several treatments from Physio you will get a week of restful nights before the big day.

God Bless. Xxx

Then go and demand help now. Why would they make you wait that long and then have mri and wait again?!?!

You need help now and I wouldpush for neurology! If your pain runs down arms it's nerve pain in neck causing it. Identical to mine.

Just be really careful before yhe big day. No lifting etc and make sure you don't put pressure on your neck etc. Big prayers going out foryou.x.

Just got back from A&E.

Went to gp(7th different one) crying with the pain. Demanded an A& E letter. Was reluctant at first but I was determined.She said would refer me for MRI .

A&E x rayed my shoulder,nothing showed up. Said possibly trapped nerve in neck or shoulder.Gave me morphine which had no effect what so ever. Got to wear a sling to rest arm/shoulder muscles.Is sending a letter to my gp asking them to refer me for MRI scan as urgent.also neurology and pain clinic.As I am known to orthopaedics he managed to get me an appointment for 22nd as they can refer me for MRI scan and I may get it quicker through them. Meanwhile I'm to keep taking meds and wait.

Where is your pain on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

Why not go to A&E, tell them of outrageous agony you are in and ask for emergency MRI scan. They can only say no. Then you could speak to A&E Sister /Charge Nurse and ask him or her what you have to do to be out of this pain ??

Why not ask what the treatment is for a trapped nerve, if it is that?

How did this start? Did you have an infection or injury / trauma?


I asked the doctor at a&e what I could do for the pain ,he gave me some morphine while I was there but it didn't touch it.I asked for iv pain relief he said if i had it I would then be sent home after and back to square one.

Couldn't order an urgent MRI because " that isn't done for what I came in for,"if I had an accident and presented at a&e then I would have got one.

Meanwhile I've got to wait.

I don't know how this has happened,but I have had shoulder pain for years and put it down to arthritis and fibromyalgia .I had an MRI about 5 years ago that showed I have it in my neck.

Pain ,when I move,is 10!

I don't understand that is surely an urgent matter - 10.

I would still go back, you have to fight for everything now with NHS. And keep on at them.

When in A&E with my husband in July there was a man there who was admitted by his GP with head pain. He had emergency MRI scan. But like everyone else he was waiting to see the same medical Consultant for the results. Nurse didn't treat him for the pain, so he couldn't take anymore sitting on metal chair in waiting room in pain and asked for results to be sent to GP and left. At least he got his MRI.

I was sent to a&e by my doctor with s letter

Same as my husband. He wouldn't let me call 999. Or take him in. Even with 9 - 10 chest pain!!

Your GP could send you to A&E again, but would they for same thing? Not sure ??

So other options only 111 or Out-of-hours.

So you have Arthritis in neck? How many pillows do you use?


Although my neck has never caused me any pain just my shoulder

Refered pain ??

Or frozen shoulder. Can't remember did GP already give you steroid injection?

No injection

My surgery don't do them will have to be referred to hospital

That's OK I think. You're doing all you can.

I only asked because I was using 5 or 6 because of breathing problems at night.

When I went to GP about my neck pain getting unbearable again, it was the locum, I was quite surprised when he said I should only use two pillows. More is bad for neck condition (Severe Cervical Spondylitis ) was referred to Orthopaedics again and had MRI (2).

Neck's in a sorry state but pain under control now. It varies. Takes me by surprise sometimes so use paracetamol and Ibuprofen (200mg to 600mg as needed) when necessary. Can't take codeine anymore due to bowel conditions. Just have to make myself as warm and comfy as possible when pain comes.

I suppose you have tried heatpads? Or put a towel in tumble dryer then wrap around neck.

Would your GP give you a few Diazepam as a muscle relaxant? If you take for just a couple of days. Longer and they lose effect. Become addictive after 7 days (according to my former GP). If these help then perhaps you could take for two days a week for the next three weeks?


May help you get a couple of nights sleep and week. Pain intensifies with movement when tired - but pain keeps you awake. Vicious circle.

Thank you Mary

Il take that into consideration

If it's any consolation, I have a number of issues with ne k (conditions

Sorry pressed submit by mistake !

My bedtime I think.

Goodnight & God Bless


Well that's moved things along anyway! Well done for sticking your neck out. When it's to do with pain etc we have to shout louder or its just a prescription and go away.

I know it's no help to you now but it's all moved forward which is a plus. Hopefully mri will show more and you can get treated x

Hi Lesliestewart

Sorry to hear that you may have trapped nerves. I am suffering from the same thing. I have excruciating pain running down my right shoulder and arm. It actually originates from my neck. At times I can't lift up my right arm because it's as if it's stick. I can't lean against anything or let anyone touch my right arm or shoulder. Went to A & E and they were baffled and didn't know what to do but said some neurological problem.

Luckily I had a good Gp who suspected trapped nerves and refer me for MRI straight away. Got results and hey ho! Nerves trapped in my neck. I even got to look at the picture and see the results (not nice to look at)

Currently under neurosurgeon nuerolgist and orthopaedic trauma team and physiotherapist.

A MRI scan is extremely important to see where exactly you have the trapped nerves so doctors can move forward.

All the best xx


A trapped nerve in the neck is so sore. I've not had it for ages thank goodness. For me I just had to give time time and the pain eventually wishes

Lesleystewart in reply to Hidden

Thank you. My problem is I don't have time,my son gets married in 3 weeks, I'm going to be a wreck and look it through crying so much

Hidden in reply to Lesleystewart

You don't know the future 😉 3 weeks is a looooonnnnnggggg time. U cud b fine fine for the big day 😊🌞

Lesleystewart in reply to Hidden

Well I managed to get through my sons wedding topped up with pain relief.

I now have an appointment with the Pain Clinic on 26th to discuss treatment following my MRI scan.

Has anyone else had steroid injections for a pinched nerve in the neck?

How did it go?

Did it work?

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