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nerve damage


I told you I have spine problems they said which is spinal stenosis and i have leg numbness from my right knee down to my feet and now I have sciatica back got that pain in my bum but also just recently been getting pins and needles in my neck and tingling in my arm I just thought muscle spams not so shall or whether is symptom i not sure now even to do the keyboard feeling in my shoulder and my wrist.can anyone suggest why are part this.

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The tingling and burning in your arms are most likely due to cervical abnormalities that are causing pressure on the nerves to this area. Imaging studies such as MRI or CT may be helpful in making a diagnosis. See your doc..Best wishes.....

You have a potentially serious problem that could put you in wheelchair permanently. You need an MRI scan of the spinal area. With this medical professionals can determine what is the next course of action.

You could have a tumour pressing on spinal nerves.

Until MRI scans are looked at no one knows. It is urgent that you take action sooner rather than later.

CLARAmay in reply to johnsmith

Hi my surgeon is around 70 the guy I went to see the surgeon who trained him is around 85 I have spinal problems too . They have decided to send me for a bone scan it shows how much inflammation you have in your back, only listen to your doctors they know what’s best for you, the main thing is keep positive and believe in your self, no one can guess what you are going through, take care

johnsmith in reply to CLARAmay

You say: "only listen to your doctors they know what’s best for you". This is not good advice. It can get people killed or seriously injured. Doctors are not the only ones one should listen to. You have to listen to many people and investigate to determine what is the best course of action.

Thalidomide was offered as a cure for morning sickness by doctors. However, it caused thousands of babies worldwide to be born with malformed limbs.

A bone scan does not show how much inflammation you have in your back. A bone scan is a good way to view and document abnormal metabolic activity in the bones. A bone scan can also be used to determine whether cancer has spread to the bones from another area of the body. Inflammation can occur in areas that have not been scanned. Some types of Inflammation may not be seen by a bone scan.

Doctors are skilled people. They know much that I do not know or imagine exists. They are limited to the knowledge and experience that they have. They are also limited to what they have understood from the patient during the consultation.

I once had to speak to a friend of mine whose mother died of cancer. Her mother had pain in her back. They recommended pain killers on each consultation. Finally, the daughter went to the surgery and pointed out to the doctor in no uncertain terms that there was a problem with their course of treatment. The mother was given an MRI scan as a result of the daughters intervention. The mother had a cancerous growth causing pressure on nerve roots. By the time this was discovered it was too late for remedial treatment. If it had been found earlier when the mother first went to the doctor she could have been treated.

CLARAmay in reply to johnsmith

I have had a mri and a ct scan on my back. Are you a medical professional as how would you know these things, if you are not a doctor you should not be giving out medical advice

johnsmith in reply to CLARAmay

I have made no comments about your mri or ct scan.

For your information I have had enough dealings with the medical profession to know how some of them behave and how they do things.

Clam11 in reply to johnsmith

I have to totally agree with you John. Naive people to the medical system and trusting Doctors will wind you up dead! Your story isn’t even scary to say the least!! I’m sure you have more and I do as well...maybe she should join some pain groups and find out for REAL!!!! You were just trying to help. Take your pain and your issues seriously. She will find out one day. But stay positive...always stay positive about your own health. And not denying the fact there could be things seriously wrong.

Cumbrian48 in reply to johnsmith

John perhaps better to advise Sarahhouse67 to see her gp rather than use scary words like tumour etc presumably you have specialist knowledge?

johnsmith in reply to Cumbrian48

Thanks for the reply. This is a difficult call. I have life experience about a range of things as well as a little knowledge as a citizen scientist. If I said see a GP what would have been the response and what action would have been taken. The GP may or may not be spoken to about the important symptoms.

I mentioned tumour. It is scary. It focuses the mind and an appointment is made to see the GP urgently. Time is of the essence so action needs to be urgently. If I am wrong everyone celebrates. If a tumour is found early there is treatment which can prevent big problems. If there is pressure on nerve roots from something there is treatment to prevent loss of nerve root. Again the sooner the better.

When one is in pain there are lots of things you put off doing because of the mental exhaustion. Having a conversation with a GP who is doing nothing for you is a time wasting exercise and so is made a low priority. Talking about something scary ups the priority and prepares energy for the consultation with the GP.

At the end of the day no one knows until a physical investigation is done.

Poppy_Ann in reply to johnsmith

the problem with telling people with back ache to demand on a MRI or cat scan is that with back ache less than 1 in 10,000,000 cases have any cause that can be seen on any scan or X ray, also even if there were enough MRI, cat scanners or X ray machines to carry out the scans the NHS could not afford the cost of staff to carry them out, back ache is the largest reported problem that doctors receive from patients.

While it may seem worth the cost to the odd person who does have a real reason for their back ache there has to be a cut off that the NHS is willing to pay for, there will always be some people who think the NHS should carry out every test or treatment that may help diagnose the problem the country cannot afford to carry them out would you be willing to pay 50,60,70 % of your income to help the 1 in 10,000,000 ?

regards Poppy Ann.

johnsmith in reply to Poppy_Ann

I cannot disagree with what you say. It is a problematic issue that I do not know the answer to.

I have had five MRI scans. All of which have been helpful to me and enabled me to have a better quality of life. The scans enabled me to contribute to my local community. They have enabled me to present research issues at local conferences.

The ethics of making judgement calls is very difficult.

The topic you brought up is very useful.

CLARAmay in reply to Cumbrian48

Yes I agree maybe you should worry about your own health first John and get off this sight if you are going to use scare tacktics on people

johnsmith in reply to CLARAmay

If you have a complaint about scare tactics refer me to a moderator. That is what they are there for.

Hi Sarah, my spinal stenosis is at the C5C6 point, diagnosed by an MRI scan nearly four months ago. I sa a neurologist about two months ago who suggested that the pains and numbness I have is due to the spinal cord being rubbed, also said I should be operated on by a neurosurgeon asap, otherwise I was in grave danger of being paralysed from the neck down. I phoned the Walton hospital last week and I may see a surgeon in about three months, as I am on the waiting list. I have noticed that my neck does lock sometimes if I turn my head, which causes a bit of pain, other than that I take a half a naproxen once or twice a day.

CLARAmay in reply to jointpain

I hope you get better soon love don’t worry think positive that’s what life’s about

thanks for that

Pregabalin 300mg twice daily sorted my nerve pain. Get it checked first though, MRI scan and start from there.

Hi, my arm & hand was feeling the same way, It was bothering me so much, it affected my work, What was causing it was from a degenerative disk in my neck. I had surgery in 2005 & not had any problems since.

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