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Burning neck pain and headaches - desperate!

Hi all, so I've suffered on and off with neck pain for a while now along with a very stiff neck which hurts to turn both ways. At the base of my neck the bones are tender when you apply pressure and occasionally when I move my neck it almost feels like something has popped or moved? Sometimes my neck will be fine however sometimes after Sleeping or after exercise it will start hurting again!

My main concern is ocassionally this pain gets quite bad and almost feels like a burning/gnawing pain which runs from my neck right up the back of my skull, the top of my head will be tender to touch, intense headaches which will also appear behind my eyes/sinuses (I suffer with chronic sinusitis also). Sometimes it'll even run down my left arm accompanied by some pins and needles, any ideas on what this could be?

It's terribly painful and makes me feel out of sorts with a foggy head. I do suffer with health anxiety so obviously I then feel worse because I panic, any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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It sounds like neuralgia to me. I got it last summer after falling over a basketball hoop base. That gave me whiplash, which gave me occipital neuralgia. It is a creeping, burning, stabbing open gash feeling which causes horrible headaches. I went to a neurologist. She put me on inderal, a beta blocker, and two vitamin B's. These helped the headache. Make sure you don't put any weight on your head when you lay down. Don't lay down with head propped up. Use flat, soft pillows. Use muscle rub and heating pad on neck and back. Mine wraps around my back and neck. Make sure to see a Neurologist. Hugs and prayers from USA.

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Thank you for replying! I really appreciate it. I'll make sure I get referred asap, I just googled what you said and it definitely makes sense, I had a hot water bottle on my neck earlier and it definitely helped. It's a horrible pain.


Hi. I suffer from an arthritic neck and I agree that heat definitely helps to relieve the pain. I recently found a neck wrap on the Internet which has small magnets and a pad which seems to produce heat naturally. It has the initials NMT on it and it does seem to work well. I'm using it at the moment.


I do think that you should see a chiropractor or an osteopath. It's sounds ( but I am not a qualified) as if you have chronic neck and shoulder pain from the way you are holding g tension. Do you have your neck strained to look at a phone or tablet a lot? Do you work at a computer ? There are any number of things that can result in this build up of muscle tightness and strain. It's surprising how bad it can get.

You need to have someone examine your neck and ask you the relevant questions. No one here can really diagnose the problem from a description .

Best wishes and I hope it rectifies quickly but it may take a while and some work form you



I have a son that had these same symptoms he went to have an XRay and found out that he has cervical degenerative disease from an accident that happened when he was younger ..its when the disks start breaking down and the nerves start to pinch from the breakdown.Please don't delay and go to doctor and have it checked out asap by the way my son is disabled to work now because of this..I dont know if thats whats wrong with you get it checked out k


Hi, I know you posted this a while ago, but I'm currently suffering with the EXACT symptoms you have, it's been going on for 3 months, did you ever find out what it was? I'm also suffering with my sinuses



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