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Shoulder/Neck/Head Pain

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I suffer from right shoulder pain across the top and under the joint, down into my arm. My wrist is slightly swollen and my thumb and first two fingers get pins and needles on and off. The pain radiates around my neck and down the centre of my spine and I suffer with terrible migraines and a constant headache.

I have a bowel issue for which I am about to embark on a colostomy but I don't think this is related. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I can do? My GP seems to be at a loss. He adjusts my medication but nothing helps.

I pick up bags for example and then spend a day floored in bed in horrendous pain. It's ruining my life, one or the other I could cope with but not both conditions!

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Have you consulted a chiropractor or osteopath? Mine has helped with shoulder neck and back pain when GP couldn't. Might be worth an assessment. Hope this helps.

If you pick things up, make sure if you can, that they are at waist level. And hold them to your chest rather than hanging from your arms.

Get your shopping done on line and ask the delivery person to bring them on to your waist level work top/table. Have u had an X-ray to show the shoulder problem or an MRI ?

Think it's time for u to ask your GP for a referral to a consultant or tests. And if he can't help then ask another doctor at the surgery.

You sound to me like you have discs out in your neck which are pressing on nerves. What you describe is how I am only on my left side. I had horrendous migraines and headaches until I was referred to a local pain clinic and the specialist suggested an occipital nerve block. That was two years ago and I had my last one in March, I haven't had a migraine or headache since, the pain down my arm plays up if I overdo things, but nowhere near like it was.

Not sure if I can be of help, but I had been suffering from Migraines for many years, sometimes loosing sensation in my arm and or leg. My arm was the biggest concern, then 4 years ago the arm got worse, not necessarily linked to my migraines. It got so bad I was referred to physio, then to plastic surgeon who diagnosed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (basically I have an extra rib above my collar bone), which compresses the nerve causing occipital headache, and loss of use of arm and altered sensation. It took 18months prior to a final diagnosis as they have to rule out other conditions. I had my rib removed and hey presto I am pain free in my arm, and reduced headaches!

This may be worth looking up.

Hope you do find a solution


I have the same but on both sides. I think you need to be referred to a hospital consultant. It sounds like a trapped nerve on the left side of your neck/spine. Or it could be a damaged muscle or nerve in your shoulder. There are so many different muscles there it's mind boggling, guess it's to keep our heavy heads mobile!

Physio might just put it all back in the right place. It also takes a lot of rest to heal muscles in this area. Unfortunately mine needs an op on my neck, too many falls, accidents and bouncing off things over the years! It's confusing because it's hard to know what's my Fibro and what is disc related sometimes.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


Hi bubbles 75,

I would certainly hope your gp would at the very least get you referred to a neurologist with those symptoms! Having been for several neurology consultations now, questions about bowel problems, pins and needles and numbness are standard questions. Sorry to hear you're suffering, best of luck.

Thank you for all your feedback, perhaps I need to ask for a referral from my GP and fingers crossed I may get some answers... :)

I too have this problem. my gp started me on gabapentin and it has helped a little. wishing you the best with your operation, sounds like your having a bad time at the moment. gentle hugs x

This may be serious. Is your bowel problem related to cancer? A tumour pressing on a nerve root could cause this type of problem. So this needs some urgent attention to eliminate serious issues.

A muscle spasm in the neck or in the shoulder could cause this type of problem. The muscle spasm in the shoulder region could cause a neck vertebra to apply pressure to the nerve roots which feed into the arm. Similarly a muscle spasm in the neck could do the same thing. This is chiropractor territory.

Hope this helps.

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