Back and trapped nerve in my neck

I've suffed now for over 30 years but at the moment the pain in the my neck seen a physio had acupuncture but no relief the pain is going down both arms into my hands and really bad pins and needles waiting to see a muscle skeletal doctor on that much medication including fentyl patches as anyone else had these symptoms sorry for long text could go on forever

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  • Would light stretching in those areas a few times per day help you out?

  • I've tried everything can't sleep properly every time I turn over the pain is horrendous but thank you for your reply

  • Ok hope you manage to get it sorted. Take care.

  • Thank you

  • Was that NHS or private Physio ? Private Physio may be able to do more to help. Also you would need a minimum of 6 Acupuncture sessions to notice any difference. I've had 8 private Acu sessions in the past with a private Physio who also did other treatments at same time session. Also I find Wheatie bags applied several times a day very helpful for neck pain.

  • Hi yes it was a private physio had about 8sessions in the end he said he couldn't do anymore for me i do have severe back pain

  • Hi sorry to hear that you are suffering with this pain for such a long long time, I too have got nerve pain but only in my left arm, stemming from my cervical discs. I am on a lot of pain medication, gabapentin 2700 mg and 200mg tramadol with ibuprofen and paracetamol but nothing seems to be taking away the pain. I'm waiting for a nerve block to see if this helps if not it will be surgery. Hope you get sorted out much love x

  • Yay Pat63, my thoughts go out to you. I've been struggling for the past 30 years after a brain tumour and the consequences of its removal. The pins and needles in both my hands and both feet started last year. I saw a neurologist and had a MRI scan which revealed I have a prolapsed disc at the base of my skull with bony overgrowth and narrowing of the spinal canal. I was told an operation would carry more risks than benefits and I don't want to end up paralysed!

    It's just something else to add to the growing list of problems I face every day and I'm bloody sick of it but what can you do? Nothing just keep soldiering on like we all have to! I hope you find treatment or meds that work for you and help you but it's never easy as you will already know Best wishes.


  • Bowen Technique Google that and find a therapist in your area I have spinal injuries and Neurological injuries and its the only thing that has worked on me our Blacksmith told me about it, when I went I thought the bloke was taking the mick he hardly did anything to me but 2 days later I was in amazing condition to how I had been, good luck.

  • Yay Glenn 1888, please can you tell me what neurological injuries this treatment helped you with, thank you.


  • It wont help with Neurological injuries this helped with my spinal injuries/pain relief tho it helps with loads of other things, Neuro aint one of them

  • Thank you for your reply. I know I'm screwed but there's always hope, in fact that's all there is but we fight on. Cheers.


  • been in chronic pain for years I know the Neuro tests off hand now everytime I see someone new, Bowen is good on so many things helped both Parents and my partner for various problems.

  • Hi I presume you have seen an osteopath and/or a chiropractor in the past? My mother had very severe sciatica and after a course of treatment the chiropractor managed to free the trapped nerve. x

  • This is chiropractor territory. You need pressure to taken off the nerve roots. Medication cannot do this. Pain killers are an attempt to enable you not to feel pain. Pain killers because they kill sensitivity could make the injury worse - result more pain.

    You need an MRI scan urgently. You can have a tumour causing this sort of problem. Tumour alters body tissue layout. Tissue now pushes onto vertebrate which is displaced. This in turn applies pressure on nerve roots.

    Please get your condition looked at by a doctor and a chiropractor. The chiropractor will be able to give a second opinion which can be given to a doctor. The doctor is the gateway to an MRI scan.

    I hope my suggestion is wrong. You can only determine this by investigating.

  • Thanks i hope you are wrong but does make sense getting pain in my head seeing the doctor next week so will ask about mri scan

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