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New-ish symptoms coming from neck problem?



I have been diagnosed with lower back and more recently with related neck problems with ?radiculopathy.

My question is related to my neck issues. Had MRI around a year ago and it showed degeneration C3 through to C7 with several comments mainly mentioning nerve compression and spinal cord being indented among other things. Just before lockdown I saw Consultant who wants me assessed for neck and shoulder by specialist physio but obviously this hasn't happened or likely to be for a while.

I have been suffering several issues including severe headaches, pain in neck, shoulder and down right arm into hands and fingers. Also tingling, numbness and stiffness in fingers. Had all this for around 18 months.

I am though now getting other symptoms and wondering if anyone with neck prob has experienced the same. A little concerned as having a feeling at top of left arm that feels like a tight band had been pulled across the bicep area....very uncomfortable and also pins and needles/tingling in this area and also running down my left arm to hand too. The other concerning issue is the whole right side of my face is tingling and when I touch it, the skin feels hypersensitive. This comes and goes and has me wondering if its a nerve getting pinched?

Sorry if these are silly questions. I don't want to contact my GP unnecessarily and I don't know when the physio will begin but do realise it's going to be a while. Equally I don't know what he can do just now anyway but unsure whether it needs checked out.

Thanks in advance folks.

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Howdy Les,you could nip down to the local pharmacy and see if they have any ideas in the meantime and what to do next.

LesE62 in reply to Jjflash

Thanks for that....good idea.

Hello, I have neck pain most of the time. Nothing like you,but still very uncomfortable. I find that heat on my neck and upper back is very helpful. My doctors recommended heat pads, useless, I find, when showering ,for about 5 minutes, as hot water that I can stand, on high pressure in power shower, played onto my neck gives relief. It has to be hot and powerful pressure. The next thing I am going to do is get a hot water bottle, this I can apply to back and neck for a longer time. I've had this for 2 years and it also gives me head aches. This obviously is not a solution, but it gives me pain relief.

LesE62 in reply to ashton12

Thank you for your reply. Sorry you're suffering from this too and I've tried most of what you have too. Hope you get some relief soon.

AIHA_Nitu in reply to ashton12

Hi. I have stiff neck, shoulders every morning when I get up. Heat pads help me greatly. NO amout of paracetamol or other muscle relaxants helped over the years. Pins and needles frm thighs to feet soles every day through the day. Huh.

LesE62 in reply to AIHA_Nitu

Thesis for your reply and take care.

LesE62 in reply to LesE62


Hi I have similar problems.... disk gone in neck & spinal surgeon has said it's a wait & see game but in meantime I am dealing with arm numbness pins & needles paralysis which comes & goes.... pain wakes me and have lots of weird but not so wonderful sensations.....bladder problems gait issues and generally feel lousy....

From C2 to C7 gone have bilateral stenosis at C3 right & C4 left side.... C6 & C7 are causing trouble with hands ....

That's a quick answer lots more going on but it does sound like your neck is problem.....

Oh my goodness, you sound just like me. Yes I get so many odd sensations as well as the pain too. Was starting to think that I was over thinking things and maybe paying too much attention to it but can't really ignore it. So difficult to get much sleep but have bought a new neck pillow and the last few nights have been a bit better.

Thanks for your reply and I do feel it sounds like it's all coming from my neck too.

Hi Les , your symptoms appear to have got worse so i think you should contact your gp, you will probably have a talk with the doctor on the phone first and a decision will be made as to what should happen next , if anything it will reassure you. Best wishes 🌸

LesE62 in reply to weathervane

Thanks for your reply.

I know maybe I should call gp but in the current situation I didn't know how much they were dealing with.

I suppose there are new symptoms and maybe should call them.

Thanks again.

weathervane in reply to LesE62

The gp would definitely deal with your probelm, you are having some unpleasant symptoms so please do not think your gp would ignore you . My son has had to see the gp , he was triaged over the phone and then given an appointment , so please don’t ignore your problems.

Hi, I have been diagnosed with spondylosis 6 years ago and I have similar issues with headaches and short breath started lately Especially when I over do things. Mine are on the left side which Is more concerning for me. I find that magnesium help and also yoga.

Take care

Thank you and funnily enough I already take magnesium.

I've been thinking about taking up yoga for a while so thanks for that. Might be the push I need to start it now.

I have similar problems, neck and base of spine, sciatica, shoulder problems, nerve pains. Gapabentin helps most of all, co-codamol, memory foam pillow, not laying on side the gives me most pain, mines is all one sided pain and deep tissue massage, not lifting heavy things and not bending or twisting too much.

LesE62 in reply to greekqueen

Sorry to suffering from this too. Thanks for your reply and helpful ideas. Take care

Hello LesE62

Sorry to hear you're suffering with these pain symptoms.

As others have mentioned, it would be useful to contact your GP at this point to discuss the symptoms you're experiencing. Despite the COVID-19 situation, most GP's are still conducting telephone appointments and face-to-face appointments if necessary.

From the symptoms you're describing, it sounds like you're experiencing 'Neuropathic pain' which how we describe any of the unwanted sensations (e.g. pain, ache, tingle, itch, burn, etc.) that can be experienced following damage to nerves. Take a look at this leaflet for more information about neuropathic pain:

I am also attaching a link about 'living with pain' - here you will find several tips/ideas about pain management that may be of interest to you:

I hope this information helps.

Moderator 4, on behalf of Pain Concern.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I will have a look at the links you have sent.

Thanks again

Hi Les

Only just discovered this site. Sorry to hear so many others suffering as i do. Mine has gone on for over a decade without much help. Recently bought a TENS collar from amazon. Dubious but desperate.

Not a magic wand but still stunned by the relief. Temporary to a degree and easily undone but now can partially grip with left hand again and heart attack chest pains mostly gone.

LesE62 in reply to Labrat80

Hi and thanks for that. I haven't heard of this so will have a look. Thanks again.

I have exactly the same symptoms it’s from severe cervical stenosis.I am also vitamin D & B12 deficient which I believe caused this in the first place I have Ben offered steriods injections but refuse as they destroy the bone structure & I had 3 spinal injections 40 yrs ago .My lower spine is a crumbling mess .I have vitamin b12 weekly injections & cofactors including vit D ,magnesium,calcuim,vit C food suppliments.I have no neck pain thank God just numb hands occasionally.


Hi there, that is a common thing with what you describe I would get it checked out as it can cause other problems and usually it can't be reversed as I know to my cost I have c3c4c5 fused to stop progression but I still have the same symptoms as I was left to long and then it went to cervical myelopathy. Hope I have been helpful .

Thanks folks for your replies... Not been on the site much lately as currently sitting in hospital and been unwell a few weeks now. Unrelated issue but not much sign of getting home yet.

Thanks again for your helpful replies.

Sorry that I don't know you're pain. But I hope your still winning each little battle. Even if the war seems to be going against you some days.

It's an impossible dilemma when the brain is going against the body and the soul is stuck between the two.

Next time around hopefully I'll be a dog.

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