Any advice as to what's wrong with me ? Please


Will give my med history as the following lower back pain from the age of 20 now 44 ongoing si joint pain had MRI scan came back with DDD been on various painkillers codine co -Codamol now on tramdol had physio and hydro little effects still in pain started amtriptyline which has worked wonders for sleeping before none at all the specialist I've seen have said they won't give me a op and can't find where my pain is coming from pins and needles in legs and feet toes saw the doctor a few weeks ago he's now discharge me yet I'm still in pain with my Lower back had a steroid injection on my wrist as pins and needles which was a month ago still the pain there. Now I'm being sent to a foot specialist as they can't find the problems with my pins and needles

And numbness all this started back in 2014 from pain in my ribs any information at all would be greatfull as I'm lost


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  • Thanks for the reply Dan no si injection the MRI came back with longstanding DDD asked to see a pain specialist still waiting for a answer that's was at Christmas this has been the worst flare up since my 20s I was doing a very strenuous job before which has not helped

  • The physio said the pain was there and a few years ago another physio I saw said the same thing I was giving exercise for that area

  • Your probably right

  • Physio's aren't doctors. They may specialise in exercising joints and other areas causing pain or rehabilitation, but they're certainly not the Gods they think they are!

    You need MRI's and other diagnostic testing to get to the bottom of what is causing your pain and other symptoms. Pins and needles can be caused by other health problems too.

  • thank you janye the last physio i saw had a i dont care

    about her only saw her for 8 sessions and i left i was disgusted by her attitude and lack of care the gp which is treating me has said it may be peripheral neuropathy as for my wrist pain a injection was given and it seems its has not worked as my fingers and wrists go numb

  • DDD Isn't always painful? Where did you get that from Dan? I was diagnosed in 1996 and believe be it's agonising at times.

  • Insist on referal to the pain specialist and if GP wont do it change docters. Its only the pushy ones that get seen and you've done with waiting. Tell them that youve had enough.

  • I will ask when I go back next month thanks for the advice it's very painful and I'm finding it hard to walk any distance

  • Does anyone know why I'm seeing a foot specialist for with pins and needles and numbness in legs and long stand back problems i don't have much faith in the NHS anymore

  • If you haven't seen a rheumatologist, then maybe thats somewhere to start - sacroiliitis is a hallmark of inflammatory spondyloarthritis. If a rheumatologist or musculoskeletal specialist radiologist didn't read your MRI, then they may have missed signs of inflammation, and it is possible that the MRI didn't even include the right sequences to show up inflammation. Definitely worth an opinion from a spondyloarthritis specialist rheumatologist to rule out inflammatory spondyloarthritis.

  • I have been in pain for 2 yrs with my sj , have just come off tramadol and now taking Acupan , also Amitriptyline 60mg , i have been told that there is no op for an sj . I had the cortizone injection but didnt help at all , was referred to a pain management clinic where i now have accupuncture every 6-8 weeks , it does help with the pain but only lasts about 3-4 weeks , as well as the injection i had physio both did nothing for me at all. , hope you get sorted soon !

  • thanks paula had accupuncture back in 08 helped me with the pain but that was done private and i spent a fortune on my back problems

  • It started in my left rib area. DDD? Read SI Bone site. I had surgery 3-15. No leg, foot, butt, lower back pain.

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