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back pain leg arm pain

Hi had cancer 2012 breast and in lymph nodes had chemo radiotherapy since then pain in back legs arms and feet .it taken a few years now but the pain is terrible had every painkillers went for scan on Thursday to see what's going on can anyone help me thanks

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Fibermyalgia look into it..my feet , back n hands ..hurt not the word. Bless you with help


sorry to hear about your cancer issues,and know doubt your sick with worry waiting on your results coming back,now I have heard that certain types of chemotherapy can cause some sort of peripheral neuropathy,which basically means that the nerves have been damaged with the treatment you might of received,and yes the pains associated with neuropathy are horrendous,they can effect your feet legs,arms hands,and unfortunately painkillers have little effect on this type of pain,so I don't know what sort of pain your feeling,but fellow sufferers on here can go through a shopping list,from knitting needles coming out of every bone,red hot pokers,pins and needles,numbness,muscle spasms,every day the pain can be different,but its still there in a maybe another sensation the following day,I'm sorry its not the best of answers but whilst your looking for clues to you pains perhaps this one hasn't been put forward before,and I truly hope your results aren't to desponding and that your pains ease off soon,thankyou

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Thank you so much for your advice it means a lot some people think that it's all in my head ☹️Even doctors look at you thinking she's back again I say do you really think that I want to feel like this? All they say is we tried everything to help so it's down to you.

My diet has changed now doing juicing make all my food from scratch don't drink and never smoked so that covers everything they ask but feel so down with the way I feel but not depressed but depressed with my pain 😩😩


Has your GP suggested a referral to a Pain Clinic to see if they can improve your pain management?


Morning well pain woke me up again!' Lower back middle and shoulders it makes me feel sick waiting to see specialist.

At the moment I'm on 5.2 patches change every three days and on oramorph when needed plus paracetamols. Feel as thou just getting by, now they say I've got chronic pain but not the syndrome can anyone explain the difference

Many thanks xx


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