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Back and leg pain

Hi everyone, hoping I can get some advice . I have suffered a long time with lower back pain which has got worse over the years. I'm 50 years old. I've has physio and they discovered I had hypo mobility of my shoulders. I have neck /back pain when I sleep and have been experiencing pain down left leg and muscle pain in calves, tingling down arms painful elbows. I have had blood test for iron levels recently and for arthritis but that one was a good few years ago. I haven't really had any one tell me why I have these pains physio say I'm it's just how I am! I was given a nerve blocking drug gabapentin but I didn't find it that helpful and don't want to rely on drugs before I really have to, I just take strong painkillers at bed time and if I really need to through the day. I don't know if I should ask to be referred somewhere to get more help or is this it? Sorry for going on a bit but Im getting really worried as I'm getting more aches and pains and future worries me. Grateful for any advice.

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You don't mention your GP and he/ she should be your first option.

I would suggest Pilates as that should help you to move more efficiently and correctly.


Ask to have the blood test to rule out polymyalgia rheumatica and don't be put off.


I am sorry, pain is aweful. Especially at at night. Do you all have acess to Nucynta? Great chronic pain med, little to no side effects. Gabapentin can add to joint and muscle aches for some patients. May I also ask how your water and potassium intake is? Yogurt, potatoes (sans the good stuff ;) ), dark leafy veggies and tuna etc. this can help with some of aches and pains.

I hope you feel better!


In the potatoes suggestion, I have been advised to avoid white potatoes at all costs. Also tomatoes and peppers (basically, any member of the nightshade family) as these are bad for the joints. Oily fish, red potatoes, gluten-free (wheat bad), pineapple and lots of greens are good for mobilising the joints. Red meat is also a no-no.

Worth looking into anyway, if you think it may be of help. Following this diet certainly helped with the arthritic pain in my hands. Not much effect on my back pain though :-(


Saw this re spuds on forum in USA and stopped the nightly spuds and voila within 3 weeks could straighten fingers that knuckles on 2 were swollen and painful. Also stopped tomato but still eat curry! So far so good on straight fingers. Also make sure if get a bit of cramp pain in hands you are getting enough magnesium. Diuretics leach this out too so if on BP med like Natrilix need the mag daily.

I still take Sea Tone daily as keeps the knees and now a hip going. I find for topical knee pain or those pains arthritis gives as break through pain helped by using Deep Heat Arthritis Cream or Ice Gel by Mentholatum. First has highest pain killer in all these types and second works in bed at night as dont need to go wash hands etc.

We all get pains often say try to open jar and arm or shoulder aches that nigh in bed Ice Gel helps there too.

Sea tone is green lipped mussels extract fm New Zealand - you need to be able to eat shell fish to use it but works no side effects - for osteo arthritis.

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So glad that this has made a difference for you, such great news xx


Nucynta is Tapentadol. It is an opioid for acute moderate to severe pain and has the side effects associated with an opioid.


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