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Back and leg pain

Hi I am new to the site but just wondered if anyone could help, I have a disc bulging in my lower back, sciatic pain down my legs and pain in my knee joints. I currently take 200mg of Tramadol slow release twice daily (the slow release allows me to have an even dose over a 24 hr period), gabapentin, and anti depressants. I used to take Diclofenac with no problems but it has been withdrawn due to health risks, I was given Naproxen but this has caused me stomach problems so my GP has stopped me having any anti inflammatories, my knee pain is now really bad to the point I cannot walk up and down stairs without a great deal of pain. Has anyone tried the knee supports that have the magnets in them, if so do they work or any other alternative remedies that have been successful, if all else fails it's going to have to be a stair lift. Thanks for your help.

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A personal question, are you overweight? It's just that I know I had more knee pain (referred pain) when I was overweight.

Second, Gabapentin didn't do a thing for me, Naproxen is fine even with stomach problems (I have reflux thanks to Diclofenac) if you take an acid suppressor like Lansoprozole which my GP gave me 10 years ago and I only get heartburn if I overdo heavy/spicy foods.

I'm assuming by antidepressants you're on amityryptiline or something similar? Again, all that did was help me sleep, no pain relief.

I've tried a lot of things, heat, ice, varying painkillers and am now on morphine and co-codamol. Both of which don't take away the pain altogether.

As for magnets, to be honest I think they're a case of mind over matter. But if you think they'll work for you, give them a go! Have you seen your GP lately to discuss what cocktail of drugs you're on? Sometimes all it takes is a little change and it's solved!


Hi Jayne thanks for your reply, I would say I am a little overweight although I do eat healthily, I take Effexor anti depressants as I have had chronic depression for a number of years, it does help with the pain as pain causes stress and the stress makes the pain feel worse. I did have Omeprazole with the Naproxen but the stomach problems were really bad, thanks for all your input I will probably give the magnets a try, even if it is mind over matter it's worth it for some relief, I am due to go to the pain clinic mid February so will try to take a good look at all my meds, thanks again regards Sheryl


Hello and welcome on board. Magnets help my husband bit feel it is a very personal thing. If something works they go fo it. He has a bracelt which he wears all the time.

Glad to hear you re going to pain clinic. Always my second advice after GP! David has lifelong membership and I love them all!

Good buncj on here and always try to give support where we can even if you just want a rant. There is a wealth of knowledge amongst the members and obviously different meds suit different people. Gabapentin seems to be the most contraversial drug we talk about with so many unable to take it.

Anyway hope you find us useful

Pat x

Pat x


Ask about using ibuprofen gel or diclofenac gel - its still an NSAID, but because you don't take it orally, it doesn't go through your stomach, and you tend not to get the same kind of side effects from it. I find that you do need to use it regularly over the same area to get a decent effect from it, but its much better than nothing. I use the voltarol emulgel 12 hour formula (2.32 percent) and it does give me quite a lot of relief. other than that, alternating ice and heat packs over the painful area of your spine might help relieve it enough to keep on functioning.

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Thank you to you all for help and advice, it's good to know there are people out there who understand chronic pain, my biggest problem is getting my husband to understand how bad my pain is, I try not to mention it but if I get a sudden sharp burst then he doesn't get that It's not just that moment it's particularly bad but it's 24/7, I just seem to plod on, I have had my ESA changed from WRAG to Support which is a great help, the only thing was when I informed the agency who were put in place to look at my work options while I was on WRAG to say I was now on support, the woman on the phone said ok that's fine but she would ring me every four weeks to see if my condition had improved, I explained I was changed to support for a reason and that I didn't want her calling me when I was really struggling both with pain and mental health problems, she just kept going on at me that I had to take her calls, my letter did say I could contact them voluntarily if I felt that I could look at working but was not compulsory, has anyone else had this problem, I felt that I was being bullied just so they had numbers on their books.


I just don't know what to suggest I have never really had any problems like pain and so on. The only other strong medication I know is Morphine but im sure there is 100s of others. Its just frustrating at the minute because nothing seems to be helping. Thank You for your replies guys much appreciated.


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