Back and leg pain

Had a car accident 4 months ago ( not my fault) it has left me with terrible pain and numbness down my left side and sometimes it is like water dripping on my foot tried co-codomal naproxen tried Gabapentin but it gave me terrible palpitations I already have uncontrollable blood pressure I am having difficulty walking cannot sleep at night I had to get out of bed to turn over that is a bit better now but still uncomfortable anyone out there can help .

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  • Have you seen a spinal injury specialist? Numbness down one side could point to something neurological. If you haven't seen a specialist about this, then might be a good idea to go talk to your GP about it.

  • you should be getting referred on and investigated. xrays and scans aren't always conclusive but better to check than end up with unsolvable damage (as I did).

  • Have you had an MRI? If not you probably need one to see what's causing your pain and discomfort. My pain and numbness down my RIGHT side was sciatica caused by a prolapsed disc pressing on a nerve in the lumbar region and the pain was terrible ... so please don't suffer in silence or give up yet as dealing with the pain effectively is so important. I couldn't think or function properly until my pain was controlled to a certain degree and it sometimes takes a while until the Drs can find a pain releif plan to suit you and your particular situation.

    I don't know where you live or how your local health authority works but I had to see a physiotherapist who then referred me for an MRI and then the disc prolapse etc was noticed. I was then referred onto an orthopaedic consultant who is going to perform a partial discectomy in a couple of weeks time after a bit of a wait, so I would suggest you start the ball rolling ASAP just in case.

    You may have a completely different cause for your pain but you need to have it looked at properly either way.

    I would advise you to go back to the GP and ask for a referral and explain that the current Meds you are taking are just not providing you with adequate pain relief - if the GP cannot help then maybe a pain clinic can?

    I understand your pain and I really hope you find some decent pain relief and some answers regarding your condition.

  • Thank you Tracy wonderfull advice I did see an orthopedic after the accident who said I needed an MRI but as I cannot go through the tunnel I asked the insurance to pay for an open MRI in BIrmingham but they refused as it cost £750 as the accident was not my fault it is a lot of money I have a wonderful Doctor called Dr Nickolas from New Cross Hospital (renal clinic) who has got the ball rolling for me by sending me to the pain clinic and also for an orthopedic Doctor to see me it is 4 months now since the accident and it has been awful my life has changed I feel so sorry for all you people who can not get answered I will keep you informed once again thanks ps I am new to this health unlocked but it is so good to talk to some one who understands

  • You are more than welcome - I just wish I could have helped you more but you seem to be heading in the right direction. It does help so much to communicate with people who are in a similar situation as nobody can really understand your pain the way that fellow suffers can ... its awful that we are all in the same kind of boat but such a relief to reach out and be heard and listened to.

    Maybe there might be some sort of sedation you could have to calm your nerves before you have an MRI? It really would help with your diagnosis and make things run faster for you. I understand that lots of people have a real fear with this and it's hard for others to comprehend. Most of us have a phobia of some sort so you shouldn't feel that it is wrong or something to dismiss but there is sometimes a way around these things so talk to your consultant and see if there is something he can suggest.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Hi Tracy once again thanks I should have said it was my right side not the left I had really bad bruises on my back and right side ( took photos) also they where seen by the a/e and the phisio had 9 sessions it helped the top but not my back and leg I did have a MRI scan by the way which I payed for my self and one of my sisters had to come in with me I was shaking I nearly pulled her in with me I said to the doctor I will never have another one of those again (14 years ago) what annoys me the other party has admitted liability I would have thought it was in there interest for me to have the open scan but they don't have the pain do they ? Take care Spoon39

  • So sorry to read your post Spoon39,

    It's really traumatic to go through an RTA like that and the pain and legal stuff afterwards can be almost worse than the actual event. I really hope you have good support around you and your insurers / legal people are handling your case really well.

    It sounds from your next post that you have got some more investigations set up, I do hope that happens quickly and you can get some decent pain relief.

    Welcome yo this forum, I'm sorry you need to be here but you will find support and encouragement from people who really get it.

    Always here with an ear,

    Take good care,


  • Hi thanks for your reply everything helps did you have an rta if not what is your health problem spoon39

  • Hi Spoon39

    I have had 2 RTAs unfortunately - neither were my fault although that feels somewhat irrelevant. The first was when I was 18 (I'm 60 now) I was riding a moped and a car pulled out in front of me and I hit the side, flew through the air and landed on my head. Some would say that explains a lot!!! The second was in 2009 when I was stationery at a roundabout and a car drove full speed into the back of me. So, my spine is a mess, my profile tells more of the treatments I've had over the years but I feel for you going through the litigation stuff. My claim took over 3 years to settle and it was insult when I got it. Because I had a 'pre existing condition' that all went against me even tho I was managing really well and working full time before this accident. My life has changed drastically since.

    Really hoping you get some good support.


  • O my god how awful for you isn't it terrible when you haven't done anything wrong these insurance just don't give a damn all they want is your money my car insurance legal protection is sorting mine out but god forbid it ever happened again I would go for no win no fee keep smiling and take care spoon 39

  • Thanks and you Spoon39,

    I try to smile, don't always manage it but hey ho!!



  • Ha everyone the good news is I have booked in for the open plan MRI the bad news is I have to pay for it myself £750 but I can not stand the pain any longer it would take 12/14 weeks on the NHS the pain clinic have given me a transdermal patch to try I only put it on Friday night it hasn't done anything yet but it is too early to say I know I am really fed up now I havnt slept for 5 months now this is all due ta a car accident 5 months (not my fault will keep you informed spoon39

  • Spoon39 hi to all my friends who have helped me in the past does anyone out there suffer from palpitations I feel I am going out of my mind at night when I am lying down it wakes me up it is like a drum in bed bang bang when I take my pulse it is only 80 I know I was told about 5 years ago I had a small leaking valve but was nothing to worry about do they get worse ??? When I had my back opp last November I had ecg etc and all was ok I take a water pill and aspirin every day as I cannot take blood pressure pills they make me ill x

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