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Lower back, leg , hip and groin pain

Hey guys

So dont know if im in right forum but this happened about 18 months ago, i had terrible backache one morning almost sciatic pain but on getting up something ripped!

It felt like groin but im now not sure as i did have backache to start.

I couldnt move, breath, talk, sneeze or cough as the pain in my side was horrific.

I went to a&e and was told diverticulitus after ct scan nothing and then told mayb endo and i needed a lap. I waited 6 months for lap and pain never went and when had lap nothing was found.

Since then the pain is actually getting worse i now have pain in groin, hip, lower back down into bum into leg and numb toes but the groin is horrific pain( but i wander it it not groin it behind in back).

Now when i want to go to poop( TMI SORRY) it feel like it sits on my nerve and il get pain in groin in back and then it will go into leg?

Anyone else get this?

I have been seeing a osteopath but i think she stumped aswell

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hi ive had the same pains as you for a few years god knows how many times ive been to gp but ive given up.i was making myself ill with medication so just stopped.


How is it now?


my thigh is numb hip and groin still sore.had a bad back for 15 years due to an operation but they wont assess it again.this week my thigh been really sore.


Sorry to ask but do u get the toilet problem? Pain when poop


no about the only thing I don't suffer from.


Oh well that a result it the toilet problem that causing me worse pain


Can I ask if you have had surgery for either prolapse or stress incontinence prior to your pain?


No nothing at all? Which is why so strange.

Never so much as a back ache. No accidents.

Then one day last year woke up with back ache and it got worse through day ( thought it was bad period back ache) and went to bed for hour and on getting up it was like something just ripped in my hip/groin/ lower back area.

Now i have constant groin pain, scaitica and hip ache for 2 years!

No mri will b given as they say it to expensive?


Idea only Lulububs is to check out your vitamin D blood levels, my hips, leg, bum, lower back pain etc was actually down to a vitamin D3 deficiency. I had to work it out myself. Numb toes or anything to do with nerves get your vitamin B12 blood levels checked. Beware there are grey areas in both the vitamin B12 and vitamin D blood ranges that mostly get over looked.


Hey coastwalker

I had a vitamin deficiency test done couple months ago everything came back ok so i know it not that.

I kinda wander if it a nerve that keeps trapping or a groin strain?

I just dont know anyone with these problems to actually ask them


Hi Lulububs, there are grey areas in the vitamin bloods and other bloods that far too often get overlooked, or ignored, I was told my ferritin (stored iron) bloods were fine/normal, but for me they were not normal, I fell into the grey area, my hair was thinning and falling out, my iron needed to be far higher in range. I had to sort the problem out myself. Also my Dr.got it wrong about how much vitamin D3 was needed. By taking a higher dose of vitamin D3 all my symptoms fell away over night and stayed away, even my diagnosed tailbone pain my Dr said I would never cure and just learn to live with. Do you know your actual vitamin blood results ? I always ask for a printout of my bloods and the blood ranges for my own records that we are entitled to. You might have been told your bloods are OK/normal, but you too might be within that grey area being overlooked. Just a thought Lulububs.


Hey coastwalker

Thanks for reply.

I take a high dose of D vitamins. Plus magnesium. Vit c, b complex.

As i have ibs so i have read these are goo for that to.

I have been goin to a osteo last two weeks and she realised my hips were out of alignment and i also had a compressed l5 lumbar spine. As soon as she worked on it all my pain went in two sessions?

Bit of a miracle ive had it 18 months and not one other dr or specialist put this together and figured it out.

As of today i have literally no pain!


Wonderful news for you Lulububs. thank goodness for that osteo. Yes far too many patients get over looked, you were very lucky. Idea only - back in 2004 there was found to be a link between osteoporosis and B12 deficiency. I bought Sally Pacholoks Book - Could it be B12 Deficiency, an Epidemic of Misdiagnosis. Anything from head to toe/spinal can be linked to low or deficient vitamin B12. (remembering there are grey/over looked areas in the blood results) Also be aware that osteoporosis prescription pills if you are prescribed any have recently made headlines news that they can actually cause osteoporosis, can you believe ? but do google that yourself to check.


Ive always taken b complex tablets as i have always had terrible

Periods and hormones and gp said about them so ive taken them about 15 years now. Plus glucosamine and calcium tablets( as im dairy free).

So i have most deficiencys covered so i knew it wasnt anything like that. Plus as i said i had two blood tests done and they were both perfect for deficiencies and liver and kidney functions, bladder. I had colonoscopy and laparoscopy so i was bit flummoxed really what it all was but about two weeks ago i got up one morning and as i went to stand my leg just was totally numb and i ended up on floor, i literally had a numb foot!

I had pin and needles all down leg and pain in backside.

I rang a osteo and my husband got me down there( in the back of car laid flat out😂) and as soon as she saw me and tested me she new what is was THANKGOD!

Ive seen her twice and all my bladder and poop problems have gone and mg scaitica and leg pain.

All time i thought it was groin it turns out it was back? Referred pain apparently!

So all those test and ops i had were for nothing but hey at least i know now problem!


What was u low vitamin d score?


I dont know i just rang up for results over phone she read them out they were all in the normal /good range?

I wouldnt say i was a i take a vit c, vit d, calcium, b supplement, multivitamin.


Recalling it was 40 or 41.


I'd see a different GP, if I were you. Sounds like it needs investigating!


It ok i found a great osteo she realised i had compressed lumbar and after two sessions it has got so much better!




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